The Indian spiritual master Vimala Thakar, whom we featured in our Fall/Winter issue of What Is Enlightenment?, is best known in Europe and the US as a. Posts about Vimala Thakar written by purushottama. Vimala Thakar Books. The following PDF files are provided for educational purposes. I have downloaded them from various sources on the internet and in these.

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Krishnaji came out in a little while and led me to a room where we settled down for a serious talk. I can just feel the pain and sorrow it cost someone to arrange vima,a an interview. Relative and absolute—there is no dichotomy, they are not opposites.

He does not want or expect anything from others or from society. If we believe ourselves each to be a patched-together, unmatched assortment of desirable and undesirable features, motives at odds with each vimal, undigested beliefs and prejudices, fears, and insecurities, will we not project all this on the world?

An Encounter With Vimala Thakar |

How can the two go together? ActionDualityEnergyIntelligenceLovePainPleasureSorrowWholenessWillpainwillvimalxsorrowpleasureenergyloveintelligencehumanAfraid. It is still tougher to be in that state if at all vimals Sadhaka has patience and humility to be in the state. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Everything that has been transmitted to our mind through centuries will have to be completely discarded.

And I feel that perhaps in other countries also she has had only one role to play. She tells us about her childhood and how her spiritual search began at the unusually early age of five. I have met them. That is the toughest part, but if that is gone through, then the seen and the seeing energy subside into their sources and there is MAUNAM or silence or emptiness.

It has not yet assimilated the state of emptiness and peace as its experience, but it thaka held there. It is for those who sincerely, humbly want to find a way out of this mess that we, each one of us, have created out of indifference, carelessness, and lack of moral courage. In this state there is nothing thakqr experience, nothing to gain, nothing to see, there is only emptiness. People will find remedies to these challenges, ways tahkar meet these challenges.


After she had been working in rural development for many years, Krishnamurti asked her to begin to teach, and she became a powerful and much-loved meditation teacher. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here There is not time. And I feel deeply indebted to you for both. It can’t stand any frontiers,” she wrote. Why should not a group of you take it up for scientific investigation?

There is only a consciousness that this is emptiness and after some time even that goes. And the mental movement is nothing but a replay of these conditionings. Born into a middle-class Brahmin family living at Akola city in Maharashtra state in India, she was interested in spiritual matters from an early age. Some people develop this energy by developing the powers of the mind, or the powers of concentration or psychic powers, but all these are activities and not dhyan.

The posting was seen at: Krishnamurti is no fool. I wonder whether an inability to trust, in the biggest sense of the word, has come from this.

Vimala Thakar

We have to extend this attitude of observation in relationships. So at best a woman becomes a mother figure, such as Anandamayi Ma, or this figure or that figure. I pursue my point to clarify the matter.

There is so much to do. It is an inward journey to the depths of our being. They are more honest with themselves and others, they are not so tortured by the fear ivmala what others may say.

This is a challenge for modern men and women who are exploring together, unlike in India where it is done separately. While I was walking back to the hotel I met Mr. You say what vimla the most thaiar obstacle? Love is the beauty, the delicate mystery, the soul of life, the radiant unspoiled purity that brings spontaneous joy, songs of ecstasy, poems, paintings, dances, dramas to celebrate its indescribable, never-to-be-fully-captured bliss of being.


Emptiness First we sat to observe our thoughts, which not being unlimited subside after some time.

Vimala Thakar | Great Thoughts Treasury

What have I done to it? And because there is no centre, no knower, no experiencer you call it emptiness.

And they live by that intoxication. We must look deep into the network of personal motivations and discover what our priorities are. Without our conscious effort to do so, we are no longer in the grip of those ideas. At the same time she was experiencing a great upheaval in consciousness. So if the inquirers, those who live together in a sangha, viala that spirituality is not an acquisitive movement but a movement of learning, then it becomes easy.

Optimism is an attitude towards life, it is an approach to life which connects you with life indirectly.


And she tyakar as the Mother, not as an emancipated person. It is not an acquisitive movement but it is a movement of constant discovery of the different nuances of truth and reality, a discovery of the different nuances and shades of that cosmic energy which is playing even in your body.

It will be gradual. There is none who is doing this.