Andy Clarke’s Transcending CSS The mark of a good book is that you learn something when you read it (Jeffrey Zeldman’s Designing With Web Standards is a. Some (most) of you might know that I have spent eight months of this year writing a book, Transcending CSS: The Fine Art Of Web Design. On Friday, at AOL. Transcending CSS by Andy Clarke. Posted on 10 May • 4 Comments. Article illustration for Transcending CSS. A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned Andy.

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Uses a visual approach to help you learn coding techniques Includes numerous examples of world-class Web sites, photography, and other inspirations that give designers ideas for visualizing their code Offers early previews of technical advances in new Web browsers and of the emerging CSS3 specification.

Transcending CSS: The Fine Art of Web Design (Voices That Matter)

But there are places in the book where Clarke takes a detour, a related detour, but nonetheless he’s breaking out of the flow for what we’d call a “sidebar”. While this mantra is often repeated as the justification for CSS, Clarke cds out that it is rarely, if ever, adequately followed.

This chapter provides inspiration for going beyond the limitations of contemporary Web browsers and the desktop, and encourages designers to constantly seek new ways of expressing design without the constraints of technology. I’m not sure that we have reached the end of the road. But, once you get around some of the drawbacks, there is some very useful information in this book.


For people who have bought the book, this support section contains all the downloadable files and will soon include a full list of resource URLs and even open comments for discusson on each of the examples. Not only a fantastic resource for us mere developers – but it will also be a brilliant reference to show to clients as design examples.

Recieved the book today and finally now able to sit down and read it. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Includes numerous examples of world-class Web sites, photography, and other inspirations that give designers ideas for visualizing their code.

It’s a fantastic book and I was thrilled to be a part of the process. Look at magazine articles and look at the grid.

Feb 02, etherealfire rated it it was amazing. Open Preview See a Problem? We can free ourselves from the limitations.

And All That (Transcending CSS) Malarkey | Stuff & Nonsense blog

I’ve already got a cover button up on my blog! Only had an hour to flip through it but I can honestly stay outstanding. I gleaned a few tips from the book, particularly regarding semantic CSS class and id names, but not enough to justify the cover price. Transcendlng can I say about my friends and colleagues: The Fine Art of Web Design 4. The book’s website looks great, too.

I started getting a few CSS projects at work this spring, and Transcnding was like, “uhhh. Photo of business people at St Pancras station: Add to this the pressures of presenting exceptional design to clients and employers, without compromising efficient workflow, and the challenge deepens for those working in a fast-paced environment. When we talk about the web it is about the love. I have this book, I bought it last week and I have to to say it is a work of art.


Few Web transcensing are experiences programmers, and as a result, working tramscending semantic markup and CSS can create roadblocks to achieving truly beautiful designs using all the resources available. Between this and Mark Boulton’s book I’m looking forward to some really inspiring reading this winter.

Transcending CSS: The Fine Art of Web Design

Sep 02, Chris rated it it was amazing. Wow, it sure does look stunning! This appendix will include hand-picked, annotated resources of specific interest to the visual designer. Have ‘Transcending’ pre-ordered and eagerly await it’s release.

Been looking for a new book that covers the new CSS3 selectors… Just placed my order for this on Amazon, will read it over the next couple of weeks and post my thoughts here.

The Fine Art of Web Design: Some most of you might know that I have spent eight months of this year writing a book, Transcending CSS: Nov 14, Jason Constantine rated it it was amazing Shelves: Although the book is prettier than your average web design book, too many pages were devoted to photo montages that seem like filler. I love focusing on a content-out approach to design.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. How would you markup a rank of taxis?