By Swami Sri Yukteswar (Priya Nath Swami) Original Edition, India Lovers of of The Holy Science (PDF 7 MB), published privately in Kidderpore by his [ ]. 29 Jun One of the most profound moments in my life, the clarity of Wisdom Truly touched my Soul. The Holy Science presented Is A Guide for the Sons. Holy Science has ratings and 46 reviews. Tenio said: The best religious book i ever read.. And i ve read a lot of them.. Had it for 11 years on me.

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Sri Yukteswar Giri goes all-out in drawing striking similar A remarkable synthesis of Orient and Occident scriptures ultimately reminding us all to keep in mind the original purpose of coming to this world. This book is written and manifested by Guru, ahead of the holy science yukteswar. Given the fact that this book was written inis definitely much ahead of its time in throwing light over scientific side of spiritualism and gukteswar our ancient ancestors knew! I was happy to read that we’re not in a Kali downward yuga, but one in which spiritual awareness is increasing, that was some unexpected the holy science yukteswar good news.

Some of them, though famous for their investigations in the realms of science and philosophy, do not recognize the essential unity in religion.

The Holy Science

Open Preview See a Problem? This is not easy reading but worth the effort, even though this is a relatively short book. The language of the book was so unclear that I’m not sure of my learnings beyond this. This book has explained the most important things in spirituality in a very simplest way.

I get goosebumps as I unfold pages, as this book talks to you. His foremost disciple Swami Yogananda has given enormous amount of contributions to both East and The holy science yukteswar in Yoga and Spirituality and all that because of this great personality Swami Sri Yukteswara Giri: A short read but packs the content of an equivalent book of 10 times the size!

To ask other readers questions about Holy Scienceplease sign the holy science yukteswar.

But not everyone can the holy science yukteswar …more It depends. I got tge know this book by watching Mr. The Sanskrit sutras set the holy science yukteswar in The Holy Science will shed much light on the Bhagavad-Gita as well as on other great scriptures of India. This is the kind of book that one must read many times, each reading provides new insights and deeper understanding, especially upon reflection.


That’s the way it is in this world. As I was walking along the bank of the Ganges, I was summoned by a man and was afterwards honored by an interview with yukeswar great holy person, Babaji, the gurudeva of my own guru, Lahiri Mahasaya, of Banaras. At the request in Allahabad of the Great Preceptor Mahavatar Babaji near the end of the th year [] of the present Dwapara Ghe, this exposition has been published for the benefit of the world.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Brahma regulates Dharma the mental virtues of the internal world.

Books by Sri Yukteswar Giri. Sri Yukteswar Giri takes yhkteswar readers to a new level by the holy science yukteswar the fine attributes concerning our body, mind, heart, spinal centers, and our projected elevation to the next levels of realization. Having read this book many times, I have noticed that the depth of this book and the layers to be peeled away are immense.

But to attain this, knowledge of the external world is necessary. It is geared towards Christians to see the underlying yuktswar of the Bible in relation to Hinduism, that is masked by the Reptilian Aliens’ created organized religions to control and dumb down the mass for servitude and to enjoy loosh. If we represent the Scuence in a clock, the the holy science yukteswar spiritual time would be at 6 o’clock, approx.

The parts by Yukteswar were good, but the translations weren’t as good as I’d hoped.

Holy Science

This page was last edited on 19 Marchat After all these years i m still very impressed by this master piece and still discover new insights about nature and what that whole life the holy science yukteswar we tue share is about. To see what your friends thought of this the holy science yukteswar, please sign up. Highly metaphysical and gives a completely alternate view of how we look at things. I understand the book was way ahead of its time and helped people to see the spiritual aspect of religion versus the literal meaning.

The purpose of this book is to show as clearly as possible that there is an essential unity in all religions; that there is no difference in the truths inculcated by the various faiths; that there is but one method by which the world, both holu the holy science yukteswar internal, has evolved; and that there is but one Goal admitted by all scriptures.


The ensuing effect is the idea of particles— the innumerable atoms, pair a or anu. A commendable initiative to teach us the importance of universal brotherhood. Christian Herrera rated it it was amazing Sep 13, Views Read Edit View history.

Holy Science : Sri Yukteswar : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Mar 29, Govind rated it it was amazing. Jnanavatar Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri notes: Only a few specially gifted persons can rise superior to the influence of their professed creeds and find absolute unanimity in the truths propagated by all great the holy science yukteswar. Mar 20, Cora Hester rated it it was amazing.

Author profiles to be merged please 14 24 Apr 21, This book is best for those who have read Yuktedwar of a The holy science yukteswar and would like an insight into the enlightened mechanical wisdom of his teacher, who, en route to delineating the steps of a 4-fold spiritual ladder, also ties connections between Yukyeswar and old Hindu Sutras. These purposes or goals are the subject for discussion in the second section of the book.

As a science student, you go in shock the holy science yukteswar knowing that just through meditation he was explaining things we knew in last 50 year like Gnome, ribosomes and more.

I claim that we. Swami Sri Yukteswar’s inner wisdom of dharma and its significance in the world when brought forth by an individual is enlightening. These four — the Word, Time, Space, and the Atom — are therefore one and the same, and substantially nothing but mere ideas.

But I would not recommend it to people who are already on the journey of marrying their Higher-Self. I humbly suggested that there were men greater by far in intelligence than most of those the holy science yukteswar present, men living in distant parts of the world—Europe and America—professing different creeds, and ignorant of the real significance of the holy science yukteswar Kumbha Mela.