Posts about Public Law written by fugitivenation. House Joint Resolution – PUBLIC LAW “To assure uniform value to the coins and currencies of the Unites States,. Whereas the holding of or dealing . Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the Treasury Department ation Act, . for the fiscal the United States on account of public-debt transactions for the.

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Law Securities Act of AN ACT To provide full and fair disclosure of the character of securities sold in interstate and foreign commerce and through the mails, and to prevent frauds in the sale thereof, and for other purposes – May 27, – 74 48 Stat.

Law Bridge, Missouri River AN ACT Authorizing the city of Atchison, Publix, and the county of Buchanan, Missouri, or either of them or the States of Kansas and Missouri, or either of them, or the highway departments of such States, acting jointly or severally, to construct, maintain, and operate a free highway bridge across the Missouri River at or near Atchison, Kansas – June 18, – 48 Stat.

The next security issued by Treasury against pjblic pledge is the master Social Security bond.

AN ACT To authorize the Postmaster General to accept and use equipment, landing fields, men, and material of the War Department, for carrying the mails by air, and for other purposes – March 27, – 48 Stat. When an attorney lodges a complaint with a Court, the Court opens an account, the complaint is deposited generally, and a summons is issued against the indictment which is presumed to be backed by the pledge as manifested in the Estate. One of the largest issues that creates a fugitive nation within a larger nation is child support.

Law Erie, Pa. AN ACT Providing for the issuance of patents upon certain conditions to lands and accretions thereto determined to be within the State of New Mexico in accordance with the decree of the Supreme Court of the United States entered April 9, – June 16, – AN ACT To provide for the regulation of interstate and foreign communication by wire or radio, and for other purposes – June 19, – Law “Newport” made available to Aberdeen, Wash.

It creates a brand new security wherein the bank takes your funds for its own purposes and disguises the acquisition by issuing credits to your account. When we participate in a census for purposes other than to glorify the Lord, we can expect to be condemned. AN ACT To encourage improvement in housing standards and conditions, to provide a system of mutual mortgage insurance, and for other purposes – June 27, – Law Naval promotions, etc.

Your Estate is merely a trust which has been designated as insurance to underwrite the public debt and create profits and proceeds for public officials who seek to convert you from a member of the posterity they are sworn to serve into a subject that exists to provide them with commercial energy and position. AN ACT To provide relief to Government contractors whose costs of performance were increased as a result of compliance with the Act approved June 16,and for other purposes – June 16, – The first security issued from the Treasury account is the birth bond which the United States uses to underwrite its currency.


Law Confederate Veterans’ encampment equipment AN ACT To authorize the Secretary of War to lend to the housing committee of the United Confederate Veterans two hundred and fifty pyramidal tents, complete; fifteen 16 – by 80 – by 40 -foot assembly tents; thirty 11 – by 50 – by 15 -foot hospital-ward tents; ten thousand blankets, olive drab, numbered 4; five thousand canvas cots; twenty field ranges, numbered 1; ten field bake ovens, to be used at the encampment of the United Confederate Veterans, to be held at Chattanooga, Tennessee, in June – May 25, – 48 Stat.

The pre-payment is the long form Certificate of Live Birth representing the security future pledge of future labor. The SS trust is a manifestation of debt. Law Emergency construction of public highways, etc. AN ACT To provide for the removal of American citizens and nationals accused of crime to and from the jurisdiction of any officer or representative of the United States vested with judicial authority in any country in which the United States exercises extraterritorial jurisdiction – March 22, – It is not the result of some bureaucrat recording a trust, but the natural consequence of a transfer.

Most often, oppressors are the deadbeats. Law Compacts for prevention of crime AN ACT Granting the consent of Congress to any two or more States to enter into agreements or compacts for cooperative effort and mutual assistance in the prevention of crime, and for other purposes – June 6, – 48 Stat.

The birth trust is identified by the original birth number assigned by the County registrar. Law Appropriations, District of Columbia, fiscal year AN ACT Making appropriations for the government of the District of Columbia and other activities chargeable in whole or in part against the revenues of such District for the fiscal year ending June 30,and for other purposes – June 4, – 48 Stat.

Upon deposit of the Social Security bond, the Department of the Treasury through the Internal Revenue Service is the trustee of record. Law Appropriation, mineral spring, Lincoln, Nebr. The Social Security trust is the vehicle used by public officials to plunder the Estate.

How does the public levy the Estate to pay an assessment? What must you do when you make a purchase on the internet?


Law San Antonio, Tex. Boudinot, allowances AN ACT Authorizing and directing the Court of Claims, in the event of judgment or judgments in favor of the Cherokee Indians, or any of them, in suits by them against the United States under the Acts pkblic March 19,and April 25,to include in its decrees allowances to Frank J.

Statutes at Large Volume 48 Table of Contents

Law McMinnville, Oreg. However, as with your name, churches, money, law and courts of record, U. AN ACT To provide for changing the time of the meeting of Congress, the beginning of the terms of Members of Congress, and the time when the electoral votes shall be counted, and for other purposes – June 5, – Law Alaska, date of certain elections; meeting of legislature, etc.

Who sells at a loss?

AN ACT To improve the navigability and to provide for the flood control of the Tennessee River to provide for reforestation and the proper use of marginal lands in the Tennessee Valley; to provide for the agricultural and industrial development of said valley; to provide for the national defense by the creation of a corporation for the operation of Government properties at and near Muscle Shoals in the State of Alabama, and for other purposes – May 18, – Law Indian trust allotments AN ACT To amend section iof the Act entitled “An Act to provide for determining the heirs of the deceased Indians, for the disposition and sale of allotments of deceased Indians, for the leasing of allotments, and for other purposes”, approved June 25,as amended – April 30, – 48 Stat.

Law Wilmington, Del. The question becomes, How does an unconscious paper corporation operating in an economy without substance control the population of living people under the original public trust charter? Law Pike National Forest, Colo. Law Bridgeport, Conn. AN ACT Fixing the date for holding elections of a Delegate from Alaska to the House of Representatives and of members of the Legislature of Alaska; fixing the date on which the Legislature of Alaska shall hereafter meet; prescribing the personnel of the territorial canvassing board, defining its duties, and for other purposes – March 26, – Law Pure Food and Drug Act, amendment AN ACT To amend the Act entitled “An Act for preventing the manufacture, sale, or transportation of adulterated or misbranded or poisonous or deleterious foods, drugs, medicines, and liquors, and for regulating traffic there in, and for other purposes “, approved June 30,as amended – – June 22, – 48 Stat.