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PT Datasheet, PT 6-Channel Electronic Volume Controller Datasheet, buy PT Volume Controller. Part Summary. Manufacturer, Princeton Technology Corp. Manufacturer’s Part Number, PT Manufacturer’s Web Site, Futurlec Part. PT is a 6-Channel Electronic Volume Controller IC utilizing CMOS Technology specially designed for the new generation of AV Multi-Channel Audio.

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Just going through datasheet and trying to understand when I stumbled upon this Datasheet “Every byte transmitted to the SDA Line consists of 8 bits.

PT2258 – PT2258 6-Channel Electronic Volume Controller IC

It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter’s Law. I know it’s great for amplifiers.

To eliminate the chances that breadboard might be causing any issues I will try on veroboard. I haven’t got one of those chips to play with so I can only go by what is in the datasheet which is not as clear as it could be. I can see a few issues with that circuit: With luck, a channel that you have never connected the speaker to will still work.

PS – 0b is not the same as 0xC0.

Need tip for digital volume control/potmeter

If you want to take a look, I can put a link to the datasheet http: PT Not found in I2C scanning. Do you mean something like this? I’ve tried your code, but I couldn’t communicate with it for ph2258 reason, so I’m trying “bare bone” besides the Wire library I’m also running a library providing a square wave generator running at hz through a resistor.


If pt258 let it out, things stop working.

It appears to me that you have been given help to use that controller already in thread http: You don’t have pin 17 Code 2 grounded. I got a PT volume controller IC lying arround, but this is really hard to interface with. Don’t send me technical questions via Private Message. I want the code to be something pt2528 this: Can you post a photo of your wiring?

That is why the Arduino detects the device at address 0x40, and why you need to use address 0x40 with the Wire library. After sending C0 to initialize the device, you must send a command to set the volume on the desired channel, because in the words of pr2258 datasheet “If a register does has not been set, it is possible that no sound will be output”.

You are overdriving the input, and you are not removing the DC with a capacitor. Have you connected a capacitor between REF pin 15 and ground?

I’ve previously installed a dual 10k digital potmeter, MCP, but I’ve got a lot of problem that it often affect the sound, turning it really noisy. I know I’m missing an input capacitor, but that just pt258 DC voltage, so that’s ppt2258 critical I only got two 10uF caps atm.

It’s an I2C device, so it should be straightforward to interface it to an Arduino. Thanks Pete this just flew over my head, what query can i search on google to read more on this no programming background here, just a designer trying to fulfill pt2285 lust for making things Any view on the no sound problem. How is the circuit behaving now? This is my current setup. I saw the wrong address, and it’s fixed.


Is the device connected to the output a speaker, or an amplifier? Unfortunately, it isn’t clear.

But the lack of those probably won’t stop the device from working at all. What’s your issue with the PT?

I need you wisdom and wizardry with my project I am trying to use PT for my next amplifier project and its giving me hardtime. I’ve tried both pt22258, but none of them works.

The code in your reply 6 looks OK to me now. Gentlemen may prefer Blondes, but Real Men prefer Redheads! To specify the address to Wire. I think you will need more than a resistor between the Arduino output and the device input – you will need an attenuator i. Now with Unlimited Eagle board sizes!

The MSB is transmitted first.

PT2258 DIP-20 6-ch electronic volume control

I have banged my head around datasheetbut just cant make it run. Nick Gammonfirstly the pt2258 code is not what was written in datasheet 0x40 instead of 80h as per datasheet am i reading something wrong here Secondly after i found and used some code from this good fellow. That device is not intended to drive a speaker directly.