11 Sep Is Pristine Trading worth the $ education fee? Is the Black Trading Room a good day trading room? Read our complete review were we took the trades. T3 Live is the new educational arm that offers the Pristine method. We are proud to announce the full integration of Pristine Trading and T3 Live. This is a dream partnership for us. You’ll still receive the top-notch trading. Day trading services such as real-time online trading rooms—including The Pristine Method Trading Room and The Black Room—as well as daily trading.

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The moral pristine trading method this first lesson is not to look at any ONE technical part of the Pristine Method in a vacuum. Capra saw an opportunity to build an educational and research firm for selfdirected, independent traders. A complete scam circus act.

It appears that they are calling pristine trading method from a charting package provided by Lightspeed Trading. Mastering Candlestick Charts II.

Trading the Fast Moves for Maximum Profit. You need to know the whole technical pattern. If this is a republication request please pristlne details of the new work in which the Wiley content will appear. Sometimes a person from the general chat would call this into question, pristine trading method the trade was a winner then the moderator would say that we are still holding.

Equal amounts of losers to winners. Next, I asked for account statements that prove these magnificent performance numbers, once again I could not seem to coerce Pristine into providing any proof of these returns. Before founding Pristine, Capra spent 15 years running his own business.

No records pristine trading method trades called inside of the live trading room are kept. In those days, free online stock charts and quotes were not widely available, and institutional traders had a great advantage over the individual trader.


He peistine a long history of running various fraudulent trading activities, including a prop day trading firm named Element Trading.

Trading the Pristine Method – T3 Live

The site was founded way back in by Greg Capra and Oliver Velez, both are long time educators and salesman tradng various trading products. This program was designed to help beginner, intermediate, and advanced traders. Jul 23, X To apply for permission please send your request to permissions pristine trading method.

In addition to the sense of exclusivity for the Black Trading Room, I have also been receiving a steady stream of marketing emails highlighting the Tradiing Trading Room as the Trader Planet winner of the Best Live Trading Room of T3 Live is the new educational rtading that offers the Pristine method training and the Pristine trading method room.

Pristine needs to make some major improvements to this pristine trading method room. Amber, Greg, and Sammi have their own shop.

Audio and Video Files. It works for all markets.

Free Education

Another annoying aspect would be that sometimes a trade would be initiated, and then the chat box would scroll through and new pristine trading method would be introduced, however the original trade would just be forgotten about. It worked for a short pristine trading method of time, until Oliver Velez closed up shop and disappeared with the trading deposits of everyone that had contributed funds into the omnibus account.

All trades made by Scott are placed through T3TG. T3 LIVE products are for educational purposes only. Over the course of the nearly two weeks of recording trades, those that we could actually record we discovered that the Black Trading Room was basically a scratch trading experience. He utilized pristine trading method program called SuperTic to track and evaluate this information, which led him to his pursuit of intra- day trading tactics. Plus, you can apply what you learn to all markets — stocks, ETFs, options, forex, and more!


Go right to work. As it stands now, this is yet another trading room making some outrageous claims of massive profits, but unfortunately cannot provide even the most scant amount of evidence to substantiate these fantastic claims.

Mar 9, January 4, 8: Best of all, this methodology works in all types of markets up, down, and sideways. This is the first of three articles in which I am going to look at a few of the common problems that traders have by not fully learning or understanding the method.

TPM gives you the pristine trading method powerful education in trading and pristine trading method analysis available. As I reviewed the tapes of the trading sessions, one of the things that I found to be confusing and annoying is that the moderators never did tell you how many shares they were trading per trade.

Pristine trading method again, everything was so informal and difficult to follow our records could be off. January 3, 9: The concepts they share are based on the years of research and experience of their co-founder, Greg Capra.