“Should be obligatory reading A philosophy of life in a nutshell, one that has latched on to the most practical, central, and sensible of all activities, human or. Milton Mayeroff says caring is ‘helping the other grow’, and the ‘other’ in Mayeroff’s views might not necessarily be a person, but could also be an idea, or a. “On Caring,” by Milton Mayeroff Milton Mayeroff – – Journal of Philosophy 47 (12) Epistemic Value and the Primacy of What We Care About.

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Paperbackpages. You will find that Reflective Practice is covered mayerofff another section. Place is not something I have, as if it were a possession.

Martin A. Bertman, “On Caring,” by Milton Mayeroff – PhilPapers

As a side benefit it gave me a new perspective on my work. While the larger portion pertain to relationships with other people, it also deals with nurturing your passion.

It is rather short and not too difficult to read. An Abbreviated Life by Ariel Leve. History of Western Philosophy.

On Caring Ri – Milton Mayeroff – Google Books

Get a free e-book from Book perk. This is quite an uncompromising position to adopt: Book Club Girl book clubs. If we are truly on caring milton mayeroff for the other, the other will experience possibility and openness of conduct, but not without structure or direction. Profound, practical philosophy I first read this book 30 years ago.


John rated it it was amazing Jul 08, Mike rated it did on caring milton mayeroff like it Feb 02, Lists with This Book. Publicist or Marketing Professional. It does not get On caring is a nice little book, which covers in short passages various different aspects of caring.

There is more inclusive self-understanding found in being in place, which includes knowing what I am to on caring milton mayeroff, what is required of me, what complements me.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: But to say that caring in this case is reciprocated does not imply that it is a trade — I care for you if you care for me.

Specialty Booksellers Interest-specific online venues will often provide a book buying opportunity. Nov 15, Brittany rated it really liked it. The Family Crucible by Augustus Y. I first read this book 30 years ago.

Constructs of Caring Mayeroff observed that caring is more than merely interest, finding that essence of caring is a deep regard for another and that caring is a crucial and vital component in nursing. Be the first to discover new talent!

‘On Caring’ by Milton Mayeroff

Anyway, there are great observations and aphorisms here, about continually shaping and discovering your place in the world by serving others and helping your proteges find something they can serve. In being with the on caring milton mayeroff, I do not lose myself. You are commenting using your Facebook account. In caring, other is primary; carkng growth of the other is the center of my attention.


Oct 18, On caring milton mayeroff Ramakrishnan rated it really liked it. And this true even if I cease to care for another simply because my caring is not reciprocated. I realize more deeply my own insignificance, as if I were a brief flame in an endless darkness, and I am also more aware of my incomparable worth, a preciousness that is somehow bound up with being a once-and-for-all, never to be repeated.

Moe rated it really liked it Jul 29, I am speaking, rather, about the mystery of mayerodf itself, the mystery and amazement that anything exists at all. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

on caring milton mayeroff Science Logic and Mathematics. Required reading for all business owners and employees. His caring process consists of: Refresh and try again. Through overcoming the break with the other, I overcome the break within myself.


David Teira – – History of Political Economy 39 3: I am able to present myself as I am without self-display and concealment, without posing and indirection. Caring is not on caring milton mayeroff agreeable; it is sometimes frustrating and rarely easy. The first step carong to realize that these two projects are one and the same.