LA PAZ PERPETUA. Juan Mayorga; Sala Petita; al «The person who wants to hit you smells different to the one who will caress you.» Odín. La paz perpetua. Front Cover. Juan Mayorga. Krk, Bibliographic information. QR code for La paz perpetua Author, Juan Mayorga. Publisher, Krk,

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Odin, the street-smart Rottweiler, is an extraordinary sniffer dog. The ending of the play has changed since its first publication in Primer Acto in Firstly, the dogs must sniff out a scent mauorga.

And so, when Immanuel returns and Odin is led out, John-John launches his attack. Immanuel resorts to philosophical reasoning to argue that torture is never acceptable.

In this test each dog answers questions about themselves. In this essay, Kant considers whether it is possible to achieve universal peace. Despite this, Mayorga insists that the Juah shepherd Immanuel is not meant to be seen as Kant in dog form, but rather someone who has listened to philosophy lessons, and understood them as much as he can.


Immanuel, the German shepherd, is different. La paz perpetua c. As they near the end of the selection process, Cassius announces that the competition is too close.

La paz perpetua – Out of the Wings

In the version, John-John and Odin attack Immanuel. Tragically, Isabel was blown up in a terrorist attack. Odin encourages John-John to kill Immanuel in revenge.

The two dogs nearly come to blows over who is the best sniffer dog.

La paz perpetua – Juan Mayorga – Google Books

Here, I try to imagine how he would respond in our context, where the threat of terrorism leads us into moral debates that, ten years ago, we would never have even considered. Or will the philosophical Perpdtua shepherd Immanuel get the job?

I love Kant […] For me he is the best example of an enlightened philosopher. The dilemma unnerves John-John. It is a questionnaire about terrorism. John-John is fascinated by this idea.

La paz perpetua

Or Odin, the wily Rottweiler with his exemplary sense of smell? Entry written by Gwynneth Dowling. As an expert sniffer, Odin is convinced he has done well, as does the ever-confident John-John.


Critics draw parallels between the play and its Spanish context. Odin agrees, and the two dogs go towards the room holding the man. You must be logged in to post a comment. Odin is more successful at winning John-John over, telling the impulsive cross-breed that Immanuel thinks he is stupid.

He was her guide dog, and they went everywhere together. The Human Being explains that they are holding a man whom they suspect of terrorism. The successful candidate will be awarded the prestigious K7 white collar.

He dies for his beliefs; John-John and Odin have killed for theirs. Even if the man is guilty, the Human Being asks them, might torturing him bring them down to his level?

Please log in or sign up pwz a free account. He outlines the circumstances that must be put in place to make universal peace possible.