Does anybody know any JoomFish tutorial? Pleaseee Please see JoomFish Wiki, available here: link: mambfish This tutorial shows how make your custom components work with Joomfish Joomfish is an extension for Joomla, that allows you to. This tutorial covers how to build a multi-lingual site with only the Joomla other multi-lingual content extensions such as Falang or Joomfish.

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Ep.9 – Create a multilanguage form in Joomla! with RSForm! Pro and Joom!Fish

Offcourse we set the name corresponding to jooomfish MySQL column “greeting” and we also set the translate property to true:. Modify the internal links. How to configure the user and the admin email in Make sure it is the Default Page.

Requirements You need three plugins to do this migration: How do I find my purchase? Set the basic plugin options. Pro Constant Contact Integration Constant Contact is an email marketing solution that allows you to send newsletters to your subscribers.

After you’ve created menus In this case one was renamed, and I created an English and French menu. First, create a new XML file in your favourite code editor and save this as hello.

Tutorial: migrate a multilingual site from Joom!Fish to WPML

This video tutorial explains step by step, how to tjtorial and configure the RSForm! You can now install a WordPress theme and enhance the features of your site by adding some plugins. How do I make a purchase?


This must be the same default language as on Joom! Home What is Joomla? During the migration, the categories have been prefixed to avoid duplicates. We declare the XML version, tell Joomfish that it’s a new content element to translate, Tell the name of the component, the author name the version of the component, and a small description.

Joomfish is an extension for Joomla, that allows you to manually translate all your Joomla content. Choose YES for to make this the default page for this language.

Let’s explain how to build this new XML file step-by-step:. Be sure the Status has a green check. This action will process all the imported posts and will modify the internal links in order to match the new permalinks. The alternate site name for this language.

Blog Extensions Commercial Free Joomla! Click the English UK Title to see an example of the default set up. When the plugins are enabled, the red circles will change to green with a check mark. It is developed and sold by WPML. How to translate a Joomla! When dealing with Joomfish, you always have to select your primary field when you do a query. The tutodial 6 lines are just simple information to Joomfish. If you want to create an article in two languages, you need to create two articles.


Pro to create the custom form, RSEvents! Pro and Salesforce to create new This process can be greatly simplified by using FalangJoomfish or one of the other extensions from the JED. Comment Characters left. Install the language pack.

Building Multi-lingual Joomla Sites – Joomlashack

If you want the words “Language Switcher” and “Main Menu” to be translated, You will need to create duplicate modules with translated titles and assign them to the correct tutoria.

Pro revision 36RSForm!

Create a category structure for languages. Put subcategories and contents for each language below then in a normal hierarchy.

Remove the categories prefixes During the migration, the categories have been prefixed to avoid duplicates. Sometimes the complete language distribution is included. You can leave this blank for the base language. A language pack is different than a foreign language distribution. So buttons names, commands and messages will be translated.

Click the Home menu item. Look for the green check in the “Status” column not shown in the picture above. You can find the language packs in the JED. This video tutorial explains how to use this new option to translate a Joomla!