LIC Jeevan Saral – Plan – Complete Calculator – can help you to understand all the benefits of LIC’s Jeevan Saral plan, including premium, maturity. 7 Jan LIC Jeevan Saral (plan ) is one of the most ‘flexible’ and ‘feature rich’ conventional endowment type plan ever launched by LIC of India. JEEVAN SARAL – (Table Nos. ). Benefit Illustration. Introduction. Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority (IRDA) requires all life insurance.

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You can expect around 5,00, as loyalty additions as per the existing trends. When checked with LIC office the surrender value as on date is Pralabh Jain 4 January at LA for Policy Table is per for maturity in Sreenivas Chintha 27 February at Have a nice day. I started at age of 25 in and its 10 years since i have taken the policy. As checked with branch, they suggested the loyalty addition can be paid only completing the policy term which is 35 years?

Amit-For each passing year and for each premium you pay, the surrender value will increase. I had already paid 5 annual premium. Let us exclude that also, and try to calculate. I am often hearing about mfs and term plans much. Now just completed 5 years.

Also if I stop paying premium and if it will be come paid up, then, can I change nominee in paid up policy? Please refer my video jeevzn I shared in above post.

My policy jeevan Saral Start year.

Sorry if am wrong about irda and sebi rules. At this age, I have good knowledge of Insurance,Mutual funds and stock market. With added benefits of no income tax at maturity With an average life insurance plan.


Loyalty Addition in Jeevan Saral Policy for year 2018-2019

Time duration is 21 years. And finally safety and security? I will b completing 10 sadal in march I have not been able to find out what the surrender value would be since there is some confusion regarding Guaranteed surrender value, special surrender value etc.

The yield there is more than your paltry 7.

If you still have doubts, then approach LIC branch for the same. I agree, this was 15 years before when Did not have much idea and was lured by the well known agents.

Hi, I took this plan on Oct for 16 years term. Better investment option depends on lot of your financial life sharing. Bonus rates of 156 of India for the year has been declared for all its participating policies. This rate of 49 is a fixed one for all 21 years are they will be revising saal every year. Wat is loyalty addition rate jeevsn jeevan rakshak and jeevan sthamb both 20 years term…. Surrendering a policy before the term is not advisable as you are losing the insurance coverage.

This is the so called technical knowledge about the agents. I have completed my 10 years when i paid my 20th premium this Jul Rajnish Raj 27 July at So far loyalty additions has been declared up to 16 year term only.

In partial surrender, you are surrendering a portion of your policy and the premium, Maturity amount and sum assured will change on partial surrender. Kumar-You know all jeeban except FABthen what is the problem here? The loyalty additions will be automatically added by LIC after 10 years and I dont need to provide additional money for this?


I have been paying annaul premium of Rs. It is also added on time in case of surrender. If you have one go and ask directly.


Maturity in jeevan saral after 10 year. Rammilan Kushwaha 16 March at Now consider MSA as Rs. I was considering an option to surrender it and divert the premium amount towards Term Insurance which would give me much better coverage.

I estimate that I will suffer a loss of close to 2 lacs if i surrender now, and a loss of around 50, if i surrender after the 10th year. Premium return on policy maturity includes the Sum Assured and Loyalty additions if any, payable as a lump sum. Now regarding their announcement of higher payment of bonus, the proof is infront of you. How mNy are ready to loose premium?? Jaipal Reddy 28 December at Anand 20 December at If I decide to surrender the policy this year, what will be my maturity sum assured value?

The insurer is not liable to pay any claim if the insured commits suicide during the policy term.

Now i do not remember why is this policy of any use to me.