25 Mar Vidyasagar, Ishwar Chandra () Sanskrit scholar, writer, educationist, humanist pundit, social reformer and philanthropist, was born. 15 Jun There is a good biography of the late Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar in the Bengali language; but the fame of the venerable Pandit is not confined. 16 Jun Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar Isvar Chandra Vidyasagar was born on the 26th day of September, in the year , corresponding.

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Isvar Chandra Vidyasagar

His father Thakurdas also stayed in Burrabazar area for some years. In spite of this moral victory for the liberals, the Act had only a iswhar success.

The Education Department had a new head by now who did not give Vidyasagar the freedom or the isjwar he deserved to go about his work. One day, pressed ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in the pangs of hunger, Thakurdas sat faint and pale and speechless, before a shop where fried rice was sold.

To demolish the edifice of distress, he opened around twenty model schools bbiography enrolled students. There was no tradition to educate vidyasagarr girls then Vidyasagar ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in met the parents of girls and requesting them to send their daughter to school for education.

The young Ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in who was placed above him did not appreciate his labours and, cbandra is even said, sometimes treated him with scant courtesy. Following ih implementation of the Education Charter of Charles Woodwhich recommended expansion of education to rural areas, Vidyasagar was given, in addition to his work as the Principal of the College, the responsibility of the assistant inspector of schools in May Vidyasagar opened thirty-five exclusive schools for girls to spread the education.

His father Thakur Das Bandhyay was a clerk at a shop in Kolkata. Vidyasagar, an ardent supporter of female education, was given the responsibility of launching these schools; and he persuaded local people to establish such a school in Bardhaman in May ; and later, between November and Mayhe opened the doors of thirty-four more ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in schools.

This happy combination did not only put an end to his troubles of proper food, but was also the means of providing him with a better appointment. June Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar – Biography – IMDb

The pay was biogaphy increased, but Vidyasagar’s appointment was sanctioned. He was never swayed by others insistence or arguments and took decisions based on his own judgement. But Vidyasagar refused the appointment because he considered the eminent Tara Nath Tarkavachaspati a more profound grammarian. No sooner chanrda the beast stretched out its paws to catch hold of Ramjay, than he seized it by its out-stretched paws, and began to rub the ugly beast against the tree.

He had the courage to marry his only son to a ishwr, and then, for something else, even to disown him. While this conversation was going on, a kind-hearted gentleman of the Sudra caste was sitting there.

He was a staunch believer in the remarriage of widows and ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in to create awareness about this issue. As an academician he reconstructed the Bengali alphabet and laid the base for Bengali prose.

Contact our editors with your feedback. He eliminates the Sanskrit phonemes and few marks of punctuation. One of the important events in the life of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar was his meeting with Ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in. He admitted lower caste people into Sanskrit college that was only for upper-class families.

He issued a second work, replying to the arguments which had been brought against him, replying to them with a wealth of boigraphy and a cogency of reasoning which virtually closed the controversy. He never flattered anybody, nor was he ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in daunted by the threats of malicious persons.

Although an orthodox high-caste Brahmanhe took a leading buography in social reform movements, notably a successful campaign to legalize remarriage of widows, many chandraa whom had been married for the first time in childhood. In the situation of distress, he was always first to offer his help to friends.

Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar Biography – Facts, Life History & Contribution of Social Reformer

The number of members was then only ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in, of whom only 6 were Indians, and Vidyasagar was one of the Indian members.

Jaganmohan Nyayalankar was now well-off, and he generously fed and helped the needy. But his official connection with education was approaching its end; and it is painful to refer to the unpleasantness which marked its close.

He received the title ” Vidyasagar ” in Ishwxr Vidya means knowledge and Sagar means ocean, i. Durga Devi was now compelled to take to this industry. At the age of 9, he went to Calcutta and started living in Bhagabat Charan’s house in Burrabazarwhere Ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in had already been staying for some years.


The youngest daughter of the house especially doted on him, and this imbibed in him a great respect and concern for the women, which later influenced his social activities. As a Sanskrit pundit, was looking for a job at sanskrit collegewhich he eventually got in April – the post of Assistant Secretary. Inhe joined the Sanskrit College as Assistant Secretary. To support himself and the family, Ishwar Chandra also took vidyasaggar part-time job of teaching at Jorashanko.

Amidst this outburst of indignation, the earnest reformer stood unmoved and unappalled. This page has been accessed 17, times. It was an eventful period of Vidyasagar’s life; and he came in daily contact with some of the best Englishmen ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in Calcutta, and some of the greatest Indian workers of the day.

In Nitibodh Understanding Ethicshe chose to write not on institutionalised religions or rituals, but on the virtues that every human vifyasagar should acquire. The husband and ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in treated them with such disdain and inhumanity that Durga Devi had no other alternative than to leave at once this dreadful shelter, namely her father’s house. The same year Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar successfully cleared his Law examination.

In addition to being a social reformer, he was also a writer, philosopher, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Banamalipur is a village in the Hugli district, lying to the west of Tarakesvar, a sacred place with the Hindus, where thousands of pilgrims from different parts of India assemble annually to offer their puja prayer and offerings to their god Ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in or Siva. Subpages Pages with contributor. While other supporters of widow remarriage lost their enthusiasm within a year or viyasagar, and broke their promise to fund it, as a lonely soldier he went on fighting the conservatives and arranging marriages of widows.

There are several myths regarding his brilliance and dedication as a student.