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24 Mar IEEE Standards documents are developed within the IEEE Societies and the developed within IEEE represent a consensus of the broad. 6 Mar IEEE Recommended Practice for Testing Insulation Resistance of Electric Machinery. IEEE Recommended Practice For Testing Insulation Resistance Of Electric Machinery Defines a recommended procedure for measuring insulation.

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Variation in the value of insulation resistance with time.

A current that is constant with time, and which usually exists over the sur- face of the end-turns of the stator winding or between exposed conductors and the rotor body in insulated rotor windings. If accessible, the phase neutral and line ends of each winding should be connected together during the test to minimize the effect of high-voltage surge reflections ieeee may result from a winding failure. Usually, for clean and dry rotating machine insulation, the insulation resistance between about 30 s and a few minutes is primarily determined by the absorption current.

The readings of a dry winding in good condition may continue to increase for hours with a continuously applied constant test voltage. Read more about SIS Subscriptions. For test voltages V and above, the lead between the test set and the winding must be appropriately insulated and spaced from ground; otherwise, surface leakage currents and corona loss may introduce errors in the test data.

The conduction current I G in well-bonded ieeee and epoxy-mica insulation systems is essentially zero unless the insulation has become saturated with moisture. The surface leakage current I L is constant over time. The association is chartered under this name and it is the full legal name. Note that the effects of moisture contamination on a healthy winding should not preclude obtaining acceptable readings.

The dirtier the DUT is, the higher this current is, and the lower the megohm result will be per Ohms law.

All others, please contact us at info madcad. I A — Absorption current: Your shopping cart is empty. The quotient of the insulation resistance at time t 2 divided by the insulation resistance at time t 1.


To find out if ieee leakage current is mainly a surface current or also contains the more damaging conductance current through the volume of the insulation to ground, one must do a ieee voltage test or ramp test to a test voltage ieee is comfortable with given the level of megohms measured. Clause 1 and Clause Functional evaluation of insulation systems – Test procedures for form-wound windings – Evaluation of thermomechanical endurance of insulation systems.

The IEEE Brand Identity Toolkit explains the basic usage rules for all corporate identity elements and ieee to utilize them to create a powerful and consistent communications pieces.

The magnitude of the surface leakage current is dependent upon temperature and the amount of conductive material, i. It is the responsibility of the users of the test equipment to completely ascertain the possible hazards involved in the testing, to protect personnel from harm, and to eliminate the risk of damage to the equipment.

It recommends minimum acceptable values of insulation resistance for ac and dc rotating machine windings.

What’s new in the IEEE 43 insulation resistance testing standard?

The voltage application time is usually 1 min IR 1 or 10 min IR 10however, other values can be used. The strategic plan of IEEE is driven by ieeee envisioned future that realizes the full potential of the role IEEE plays in advancing technology for humanity. In random wound motors built after aboutthis current also goes to zero or very near zero within 30 seconds to 1 min, often 43-213 quicker.

The effect is more pronounced if the surface is also contaminated, or if cracks in the insulation are present. Valid Buy this standard. Typically for older wet windings, the insulation resistance for reverse polarity, where the ground lead is connected to the winding and the negative voltage lead to ground, is much higher than for normal polarity.

C, and taken at a specified time t from start of voltage application. The dc voltage tests procedures for the measurement of the insulation ieeee and polarization index of insulated stator, and rotor windings and how to interpret the results are described in this recommended practice. Dust or salts on insulation surfaces, which are ordinarily nonconductive when dry, may become partially conductive when exposed to moisture or oil, and, thus, can lower the insulation resistance.


The first component is due to the polarization of the impregnating materials because the organic molecules, such as epoxy, polyester, and asphalt, tend to change orientation in the presence of a direct electric field. The surface leakage current may be significantly higher on large turbine generator rotors and dc machines, which have relatively large exposed creepage surfaces.

See information below on minimum megohm levels. This time interval is based on the R resistive. It applies to synchronous machines, induction machines, dc machines, and synchronous condensers.

Subscribe on standards – Read more. Different types of insulation systems in form wound motors will have ieee temperature characteristics. Iefe ground insulation certainly can be weak with conduction current flowing through the ieer to ground, but this is often dwarfed by the surface currents.

Enter your personal account email address to request a password reset: Figure 1—Equivalent circuit showing the four currents monitored during an insulation resistance test. Home Test Technology Insulation Resistance. If the insulation resistance or polarization index is reduced because of contamination, it can usually be restored to an acceptable value by cleaning and drying.

What’s new in the IEEE 43 insulation resistance testing standard? | EASA

These electrons and ions drift until they become trapped at the mica surfaces commonly found in rotating machine insulation systems. Remember me for one month. The safety measures described are by no means exclusive. The IEEE Brand Identity Toolkit explains the basic usage rules for all corporate identity elements and how to utilize ueee to create a powerful and consistent communications pieces.