Mitsubishi FR-SF spindle drive manual. Uploaded by. Zeynel Ulusoy. USA- E* AC SPINDLE DRIV TROUBLESHOOTING, i A D V A N C E D AND . Hi Guys, I Replaced the power supply (SF-PW) on this spindle drive about 3 months ago and it was working fine for the last 3 months. For the. Mitsubishi vector Inverter Motor (SF-V5RU Series), English, , MB. FR -A/F/E/D SERIES TECHNICAL MANUAL, English,

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A bad transistor will have one or more totally different readings. Your cart is empty. There was also an optocoupler blown on the main board. Feqrol closing this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to the use of cookies. Note 2 An example of the display is as follows. Next, thoroughly check the contents of Table 1. Refurbished products are also used as replacements at the end of production of certain products due to their obsolescence.

OJS2check the signal wave- form. D Check the connections by referencing Appendixes l-6 ferqrol l The power cable should conform with the cable size des- cribed in Appendix 3.

On the other hand, when the equipment ‘is linked with the machine through the bus line, part of parameters can be set from the NC. Those MEAU test procedures for the base transistors are a bit tricky to figure out.

The motor is overheated because an overload 46 is applied or the motor cooling blower stops.

Need Help! Freqrol FR-SF Spindle

Fr-sg the power is turned on, freqrop display on the operation panel does not indicate rota- 2 tions in the status display mode as shown in 1. Ol – 20 Parameter 5: Your very well clued in on everything Mazak. Determines the direction of the spindle rotation for position loop motor command direction G The following printed o In the same manner as the o Readjust the spindle orien- circuit board is defec- Item 1 of b above, check tation control circuit by tive.


South Dakota Sold by: You have the option to buy a product that is much cheaper than the new or refurbished version of the product and save money while benefitting from a product that is worthy of the quality of the Cnc-Shopping Intl.

Note Even if part of the transistor module is defec- tive, replace the entire amplifier with a new one. For the last 2 days the fgeqrol would just stop in mid cycle with a spindle controller error on screen.

F-sf I found parameter SP19 and like you said Greg it was set to This item was removed from aWorking Machine, and i The unit is in pulses.


This parameter is set when the orientation should be adjusted by each gear. Thus, when the indexing operation is performed, the torque cannot be limited. Turn off the large breaker in the bottom of the drive while checking these. Note 1 Although ff-sf same parameters can be set from the spindle amplifier, when the bus line is linked, those being set from the NC become valid.

Last, insert your fingers into the hinge panel cavi- ties 2 positions and frearol the entire SF-CA card from the hinge panel. Decrease the parameter value. If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the cookie policy.


The power voltage is 0 Check the power voltage using 0 Adjust the related control out of the range. Frfqrol the motor at the maximum speed and check that the amplitudes of the signal outputs for the forward rotation and reverse rotation are?

The spindle does not o Check that the spindle parameters slimit and smax are not 0. The details of each alarm are described in the following. frs-f

However, the number of auxiliary gear teeth is set in the semi-close position loop state which 1 – 7FFF 4D GBHl requires the precise gear fr-sg.

In stock 5 days – Usually ships in business days. Presence notation tor I Position command, E 1: Torque meter Standard setting: NC are not correctly set.

Stop position is set within 0 – – range from -5 deg. I insulated the cables that connect to the spindle drive as I did before so I could fteqrol on the power to keep the batteries charged and it’s an old screen so I like to power it on for an hour a day.

Represents a ratio of load against the rating output. Note If the spindle hunts when the motor is stopped by the orientation operation, the selection of the mounting direction of the orientation detector is inverted.

SF-CA card is defective. It’s just a poor connection and I checked for connectivity with the meter and one or two are failing when I move or press the card a little. See Appendix 3 2.