A. Multi-Product Calibrator. Service Manual. PN August Rev.5 , The Fluke Model A Multi-Product Calibrator (Figure ) is a precise. Fluke Corporation. 1. A Specifications. The following paragraphs detail specifications for the A Calibrator. changes more than 5 °C. (See “Zeroing the Calibrator” in Chapter 4 of the A Operator Manual.) Also see additional. 2 Fluke Corporation A/A Multi-Product Calibrators Extended Specifications. Warmup Time. Twice the time since last warmed up, to a maximum of

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Overload Measurement Specifications Table DC Voltage Verification at 50 Compare Column E to the specifications listed in calihrator final column. The A outputs the voltages shown in Fluke 5500a calibrator manual C Apply power sensor correction factor for present frequency W: How to Contact Fluke Remote commands for calibration are described at the end of this chapter.

The blue softkey under Output toggles the impedance between 50 and 1 MO. Verification at 1 Fluke strongly recommends calbrator, if possible, you return your unit to Fluke for calibration and verification.

There are three large cables, plus fluke 5500a calibrator manual for fan power. Spent batteries should be disposed of by a qualified recycler or hazardous materials handler. The Encoder assembly handles the interface to the Keyboard assembly Al.

Full text of “FLUKE A Service”

Page fluke 5500a calibrator manual Leveled Sinewave Function Verification: If you rotate it too far, the spur will reappear. The following practices should be followed to minimize damage to S. Equipment Setup fluke 5500a calibrator manual Low Frequency Flatness The Filter A 12 assembly provides the high cxlibrator power supplies. Equipment Setup for High Lrequency Llatness Adjusting the Edge Rise Time Only one adjustment needs to he made to the edge rise time. Voltage HP 8 A Settings The specifications are valid under the following conditions: For each calibration step, take samples for at least two seconds, using the HP A MATH functions to enter the average or mean value.


FLUKE a Calibrator repair help with IFC fet parts & data sheet – Page 1

For 6 to 20 mA burden current 33 to Vthe phase uncertainty is 0. If prompted to adjust the pulse width by the Calibrator Fluke 5500a calibrator manual display, adjust the pulse width to as close to 4 ns as possible using the Calibrator Mainframe front panel knob, then press the GO ON blue softkey.

Remove the copper short as instructed on the A front panel. R on the Calibrator Mainframe to activate the output.

Set the HP 8 A to the values shown in Table Verification at 50 H Program the Calibrator Mainframe to output the voltage listed in Table Program the Calibrator Mainframe to output the calibartor type and voltage listed in Table Both low and high frequency bands are calibrated at each amplitude.

Specifications for fluke 5500a calibrator manual standard A are provided at the end of this fluke 5500a calibrator manual.

Fluke 5500A Calibrator – No Options

The A sources specific output values and you measure the outputs using traceable measuring instruments of higher accuracy. Fluke 5500a calibrator manual second harmonic will fluctuate, hut there is a point at which both harmonics will he at the fluoe decihel level.

SC Calibration Setup The procedures in this manual have been developed to provide users the ability to calibrate the SC at their own site if they are required to do so.

Figure shows the connections and the equation you use to caicuiate actuai resistance. The Calibrator Fluke 5500a calibrator manual warm-up period is at least twice the length of time the calibrator was powered off, up to a maximum of 30 minutes.


Adjusting the Rise Time for the Edge Function This procedure adjusts the edge rise time, and must he performed after repair.

Set the Spectrum Analyzer to the parameters listed helow. Table below summarizes the DMM settings required to make topline and baseline measurements.

Pulse Fluke 5500a calibrator manual Verification This procedure uses the following equipment: There are two zeroing functions: AC Voltage Verification at 50 Q. From 50 ns to 20 ns, only spike or square waves are produced.

Table shows the test points for fluke 5500a calibrator manual. It is strongly recommended that, if possible, you return your unit to Fluke for calibration and verification. Program the Calibrator Mainframe to output mV 1 kHz. Equipment Setup for Low Frequency Flatness All low frequency flatness procedures use the following equipment.

Enter the LCR reading into the A when prompted. The maximum offset values shown above are for the minimum outputs In each range.

Adjust R until the center of the wave peak fluke 5500a calibrator manual half of a division above the center line, as shown in Figure Trigger Signal Specifications Table The signal path is also split to drive the external trigger circuitry on the A50 hoard.

To meet the specifications in Chapter 1, zeroing is required every seven days, or when. Adjust the main time base position and vertical offset until the pulse signal is centered on the display.