I came across exodus which is the closest Exodus RPG enemies (). submitted 1 month ago by (0 children). Exodus has a Bestiary. Exodus is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game developed by Glutton Creeper In the six months that followed, GCG turned a full Fallout RPG into a thinly . Its bestiary is respectably sized and includes rules for creating new. Exodus RPG Core Bundle [BUNDLE] – This special bundle product contains the following Exodus Post Apocalyptic RPG: Wasteland Bestiary.

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Smooth Talker makes you king of bullshitting, allowing you to spend 5 minutes talking to a character 4 or more levels lower than you to automatically succeed on a Bluff or Diplomacy check against them. The Texas Regional Sourcebook that you start getting actual new things unrelated to Fallout like cultists of Chuck Norris and an empire of oil well technopriests. Sea Serpent CR 7 Huge Animal Turns out sea serpents were real all along, they just never surfaced that often until the Great War disrupted the ocean’s ecosystems.

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The Techie was always a really weird class choice in d20 Modern Core Rulebook, as it has class features that focus on creating robots while the more modernistic Engineer advanced class was put in d20 Future. I’m not sure why, but my initial enthusiasm concerning bringing this strange creature of copyright limbo into the spotlight ended up waning over the past few chapters of the Southwest Wasteland Guide.

Here there are five level advanced classes and advanced classes that cannot be accessed until further on than level 4, which I assume is a holdout from being more familiar with Dungeons and Dragons prestige classes, but it could be worse.

Inthe world nuked itself to shit after a lengthy cold war between the United States and China. Alas, it’s also a class that gets one-time bonuses.

Exodus d20/OGL eBooks

Named after the ruins of the Los Cruces, Arizona, where they breed in particularly large numbers, these large bipedal lizards feed on radioactive vermin, smaller reptiles, and even humans and livestock if they get a chance. The background’s mechanics are all about a mixture of the Knowledge skill and various confidence scheme skills such as Bluff and Sleight of Hand. In Fallout, the Great War beset a future America of the yearand the first game takes place a hefty eight decades later; Exodus crunches this into the Great War of and the vaults opening a mere twenty years later.

This means that all Steel Disciples members start their careers with this five level class that has a full Base Attack Bonus progression, poor Reflex save progression, average Will and Fortitude save progression, average Defense bonus progression, and d10 hit dice. Said child slaves are why the Slaver’s Union is the only human organization the Mutant Army doesn’t immediately consider yet another part of an inferior species that needs to be exterminated.

And just when you might think this chapter is over, the Vegas Mafia hits you with not one, not two, not even three, but six advanced classes.


The eoxdus exception to this rule is NEMO, who got unofficial Union membership as a loophole in order to avoid sparking a war between the two organizations. Do you want to be really good with guns? Oh hey, more redundancy. Fpg Motivationgained at level bestiray of the class, allows the Master Trader to take a full round action to convince some dumb NPCs rather than a specific number and level limit, the total people that can be convinced by this ability are measured in HD up to the Trade Master’s Charisma modifier plus ten that they’ll be richly rewarded for going and shooting up some other person.

The first pair of talents that actually feels like a pair of talents rather than weird feat-miming or replicating an existing class that wasn’t even kept out of this game. When Wasteland Bart Black calls you out for a wasteland showdown, you re quick to draw your smoke beztiary and plug him full of holes.

The Tribal Nation While they were never invited into any of the fallout shelters, the members various Native American reservations in the Southwest survived by gathering together in various caverns in the walls of the Grand Canyon.

FATAL & Friends — Exodus: Post-Apocalyptic Roleplaying

Going further and shaving every corner of their body daily allows them to pass as human. Rather than let all they wrote go to waste, however, they went about scraping off as many specific Fallout labels as they could while leaving much of the underlying infrastructure intact.

The dregs run the show through a council of members who hand off position of chairperson to each other every three years. They’re actually a cult of isolationists lead by a con man named Smiling Bob, who decided to repackage Scientology as a way of getting cheap coin and servants. All Posts OPs Only. More Factions 10 Vastly Belated Addendum: Skills Or, more accurately, “three skill uses”.

The largest families are the drug-dealing Khans, slave labor-owning Sullivans, leg-breaking and mercenary-owning MacDuggins, casino-running Bordellos, and “we exist to be Italian stereotype honor-bound gangsters” Gambinis. Skills A lone page makes up this chapter, and it is made up of two new uses of old skills: Truly exciting, are they not?

The Two Big Attempted Transformations of Exodus Perhaps the most profound of all the changes Exodus made from its original draft as Fallout d20 was its timeline of the end of the world. There is a strong Cold War aesthetic, but the designers can’t seem to decide if it’s emulating the 50s or the 70s. The next couple of posts will be looking at how that turned out.

Leave no Enemy Alive at level 4 lets the Mutant Commando get a coup de grace on a foe they knock unconscious as a free action rather than a full round action, and at level 8 this ability is boosted even further by letting the Mutant Commando ignore the attack of opportunity condition that performing a coup de grace normally invokes.

We’ll see where the wind takes me on the whole subject. As an NPC race they’re fine, but I can’t imagine wanting to play a horrific predatory cannibal redneck with a severe Intelligence penalty.


Of course, even discounting the treatment of the peasant class, not everything is sunshine and roses within the Chi Dynasty.

It’s entirely up to the GM what exactly collapses where as is appropriate to the party, ranging from 1d6 damage if you fail the DC 15 Reflex save to avoid minor bestiayr debris to taking a whopping 12d6 damage if you fail the DC 30 Reflex save to avoid the total structural collapse of an entire floor. Factions 9 Southwest Wasteland Guide: Your post will not be uploaded to original board.

Exodus – 1d4chan

The meatiest parts of the Rigger, though, are the class features meant to ecodus allow for manipulation of technology. Views Read Edit View history. One of its two talents, Improvised Weaponlets you circumvent the normal -4 penalty to using an improvised weapon.

If combat’s more your focus, there’s a bit of htat too. This practice isn’t unique to the d20 system, of course: Within we start bsstiary see some attempts to break free from the Fallout framework, but there will still be a lot more stuff that is “not-Fallout” than is actually not Fallout. The only reason other Wasteland organizations fear Exorus at all is because of their sheer numbers, rather than any actual military skill or technological prowess.

Better Critical as a bonus feat for one melee weapon at level 1 and level 3, More Critical as a bonus feat for one melee weapon at gpg 3 and level 5, and Living Anatomy as a bonus feat at level 2 are the main features of the class.

Barter allows you to get the ball somewhat closer to your own playing field, or at least try to. Creature Overview Just as the other two parts of the Exodus triumvirate act as if you have never seen rpv d20 system book in your life before, the Wasteland Bestiary starts out discussing how creature stat blocks work, creature types, and the like.

A stereotypical old school mobster, the Made Man is all about serving the Family, maintaining a code of honor amongst thieves, and shooting people up with Tommy guns. If you couldn’t guess, betiary class’s class features focus on animal companions and avoiding altercations with wild animals through a combination of empathy and ritual hand gestures developed by movie character “Walkabout Dundee”. Another form of environmental hazard added by Exodus is toxic waste.

Before this, the US committed a lot of Nazi science to produce super soldiers, resulting in bewtiary of bio-engineered mutants running around. That’s not any manner of sarcasm, either, this exovus unironically the most interesting thing in between chapter 1 and chapter 5.

While the dirt bike is somewhat weaker, half as fast feet per round to FPR and generally not as good as the other motorcycle present, it does have two things going for it.