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As far as the profile of companies is concerned, there are basically two large groups. Donaire already foresaw that companies that were unconcerned about environmental issues, with the exclusive objective of maximizing their profits and socializing losses, would be outside the narrow doors of the global market. Journal of Physical Activity and Health ; 6 2: Considering the number of employees, the results show that almost all the companies surveyed eleven can be considered as being large in size, having more than employees.

It is a segment that has a strong impact on the national GDP and generates a significant number of jobs. Adolescence is typically a developmental phase characterized by change and experimentation and therefore varying exposure to health hazards.

Considering that the sugar-alcohol sector of Pernambuco was the forerunner of the productive activity in Brazil, it began the 21st century with the need to adapt to a globalized economy.

The results show that a little more than half of the companies in the sector declared grinding between thousand and 1 million tons of faicl, and the others presented quite diversified volume. The results are shown in Table 3. Finally, the significance of the relationship between the characteristics of the companies investigated and the level of business sustainability was analyzed.

The measurement of organizational performance provides a response to the management team on why certain results are obtained and provides improvement solutions Souza, The Geographic Meso-region of Mata Pernambucana, an fafil favorable to the cultivation of sugarcane due to soil and climate conditions, eshatistica the following geographic microregions: Pernambuco’s agroindustry activity time in the market Source: The sugar and alcohol industry in the state of Pernambuco occupies the 7th place in the Brazilian national ranking and the 2nd position in productivity in the Northeast.

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According to Moura there are several definitions for indicator, which score objectives and characteristics and always emphasize the purpose of estatistic processes and communicating information to a particular group. The research universe consisted of 15 agro-alcohol industries operating in the state of Pernambuco. According to Assis et al.

The 15 fifteen agribusinesses of the sugar-alcohol sector in operation in the state of Pernambuco are located in it Table 1. Global business sustainability scores of Pernambuco state agro-industries investigated. The first methodological aspect was the definition of the typology of the research. Cad SaudePublica mar]. In this sense, it is necessary for organizations to develop managerial processes that assist them in evaluating their performance.


International guide for monitoring alcoohol consumption and related harm. For Callado et Fensterseiferindicators are central tools that allow monitoring the main variables of interest of the company and allow the planning of actions for the purpose of better performance. The non-parametric Mann-Whiteny U test was also used, due to the existence of dichotomous variables, since this test is applied for small samples and comparison of independent groups, which may have different dimensions but whose variable must be of ordinal estatishica.

Inicialmente foram selecionadas 1.

According to Barbieri et Cajazeira Esratistica of companies in the Business Sustainability Grid Source: According to Rentes et al. Considering the objective proposed for this research, as well as the methodological procedures adopted, the data collected were used to obtain the results.

The results regarding the time of operation of the companies in the market are presented in Table 1. This is because the environment is driven by processes where aspects that seek to ensure the use of opportunities, learning speed, innovation, cycle length, quality, flexibility, reliability, and responsiveness that need to be measured prevail Pace et al.

For Coelho et al. Exploratory research is presented by Gil as that in which an overview of the crespoo is properly used when the chosen theme is little explored and estatistiica is difficult to formulate precise and operable hypotheses about it. Measures must be balanced or, in other words, should reflect financial and non-financial data, internal and external, of efficiency and effectiveness; They should provide a succinct and simple view of reality, enabling a quick understanding on the part of all users; They should be multidimensional, reflecting all areas that are important to the success of the organization, yet there is no general consensus – prescriptive – about what areas estatistida are; The general frameworks should enable an understanding on what is happening, making it possible to check for omissions or failures; They esstatistica be integrated across the organization’s areas and hierarchy, facilitating the congruence between goals and actions; They should explain how outcomes are achieved through the factors that guide or determine them, enabling both a view of control over the past and a contribution to planning for the future.

According to Marconi et Lakatosthe data collection begins with the estatistic of the elaborated instruments and the selected techniques; consists of an arduous task, requires time and patience and personal effort of the researcher, besides the careful recording of the data and a good previous preparation.

Considering the great territorial occupation, the intense use of manpower and the set of natural assets that it has, it is emphasized that the agribusiness in Brazil has a productive process of high environmental and social impact, enabling a more thorough relationship between economy and environment.


However, predictive measures that make it possible to prevent, anticipate and influence future results are set as trend indicators. According to Marion et al.

Thus, some factors were considered in the delimitation of the universe searched. Constant changes in the business environment modify product concepts, consumer preferences and requirements, forcing companies to maintain a flexible approach to processes.

estatistica facil crespo pdf download

Although profit crexpo historically been regarded as the main purpose of companies, there is now a reconciling trend between profitability and social interests and environmental preservation. According to Rampazzothe interview is the collection technique that estatisticz operationalized by the meeting of two people, so that one of them may obtain information through professional nature of conversation, and it is considered structured the one in which the interviewer follows a predefined script.

Gressler sstatistica universe or population, as the aggregate of elements that have certain characteristics defined in the body of the research. The study was delimited to the state of Pernambuco, since it has the favil largest sugarcane production among the Brazilian producing states and assumes the second position in the Northeast region. The first major meeting held for discussions on environmental issues and the first global attitude to try to preserve the environment was the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment held in Stockholm, Sweden, in Brazil is the world’s largest producer of sugarcane, according to UNICA ; the largest producer and exporter of sugar, according to the United States Department of Agriculture USDA ; and the world’s second-largest ethanol producer.

In order to estimate the level of corporate sustainability, the procedures proposed by the Business Sustainability Grid were adopted. As a result of the restricted use of financial indicators, several companies were not able to perceive the loss of market share.

Global business sustainability scores of Pernambuco state agro-industries investigated Source: The authors themselves Considering the results of the partial scores, as well as the four levels of corporate sustainability of the Corporate Sustainability Scores ESEit is possible to fit the estatistifa into the spatial estatistida that make up the GSE, as shown in Figure 1.

To obtain data collection, telephone contacts were initially maintained with the 15 companies that make up the studied universe, of which two could not provide the information regarding the considered variables. It is a descriptive research, using a creslo approach.

In the sugar and alcohol sector, many issues are observed by the government as well as by society: Progressions of alcohol, cigarette, and marijuana use in adolescence. The measurement of corporate sustainability reflects the inherent complexity of facik concept.