Emocionalna inteligencija has ratings and reviews. Taka said: Descriptive but not very practical–The main and only thesis of the book is. Društvene sposobnosti TRE I DIO PRIMIJENJENA EMOCIONALNA INTELIGENCIJA 9. Intimni neprijatelji Kako izlaziti na kraj sa srcem Um i medicina.

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Adults are mostly shaped during childhood.

Bullies are not seeing that they are doing anything wrong and they are like that mostly because of parents. So why do I give him ANY stars?

Emocionalna Inteligencija, Danijel Goleman | Nina Cakic –

Unfortunately the book Descriptive but not very practical– The main and only thesis of the book is: Eu nu sunt deloc o fana a psihologiei cognitiv-comportamentale, deoarece sunt de parere ca aceasta, spre deosebire de altele, se centreaza prea mult pe efect si analiza acestuia si prea putin pe radacina cauzei, pe care o consider esentiala in intelegerea si explicarea oricarui comportament. It is here that I found Goleman’s ideas to be particularly objectionable.

To see what your ejocionalna thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Emocionalna inteligencijaplease sign up. And it shows what happens if we don’t have it either because of brain malfunctioning or bad parenting.

Sintagma ‘inteligenta emotionala’ mi se pare mai degraba o gaselnita, care descrie o suma de comportamente ce au fost analizate foarte bine de alti psihologi, in alte carti, fara a le da o denumire specifica. Nearly all of his examples intelitencija generic – h What a disappointment. Compared to IQ, it is a better predictor of academic success, job performance and life success. Had he been more emotionally intelligent and controlled his anger better, he wouldn’t have a criminal record. There’s a whiff of something truly unpleasant here.


If they experience difficulties with this task, provide them with the necessary vocabulary to label their emotions. We now speak of multiple intelligencesseeing them as a skills set.

However, this book reads like a doctorate thesis. Return to Book Page. Similarly, advice on encouraging a timid child to be less so by “gentle pressure to be more outgoing” doesn’t really need explaining as controlling their “overexcitable amygdala”, not least as the recommendation is based on practical observation rather than deduced from the function of the brain.

Recent literature and studies show nurture, how a child is raised, has a huge influence on anxiety and depression. Refresh and try again. Overall, my main opinion of this book is: And this one is just an excerpt I wanted to remember because I’ve tried cognitive therapy with psychologists and this line made me understand how important it is to keep practicing being mindful of the tricks my mind plays on me- “Joseph LeDoux, the neuroscientist who discovered the amygdala’s hair-trigger role in emotional outbursts, conjectures, “Once your emotional system learns something, it seems you never let it go.

I found the occassional useful nugget but buried away – for example, the analysis of how arguments particularly between women and men can degenerate into personal criticism vs.

Emocionalna inteligencija : zašto može biti važnija od kvocijenta inteligencije

For example, describing a teenager as a “Slightly-plumpish inteligencjia year old girl”. Read the one on the subway train and let me know if you think he totally misses the point of that interaction. I’d better take over. I get that but I couldn’t get past chapter 2 because then it went into science and how our brains work and the book lost me. Lists with This Book. Goleman makes the grand claim that, throughout history, great leaders all had high EQ levels.

Thus, if you are a parent or a teacher, you might want to help children develop their emotional skills by using one of the following simple measures: The biggest one is the idea emocionalns emotional intelligence even exists.


I have owned this book for over a decade and just now finally made time to read it. Inheligencija was a best-seller, though, which proves that many, many people liked emocionalan. However, we know that even people with severe autism are able to learn emotional skills.

Well it is because i don;t think Goleman understands the research that he uses to support his ideas. This is not anything groundbreaking. This book is filled with a LOT of problematic suppositions, and a lot of really conservative ideology is given as the explanation for certain social problems. Also, at times, it left me feel a bit bad, or pessimistic.

Encourage them to talk about their feelings. I wanted more tips on emotional intelligence than I wanted to read exampled about it. I have no problem with that. Nothing practical in other words, i found it highly theoretical.

Be specific and constructive. I think these emotional responses are learned behaviors to a much greater degree than Goleman would allow. The author repeatedly states for example that the breakdown of the nuclear family unit is the reason for a lot of rmocionalna problems today as opposed to a general deterioration of life under capitalism.

It’s only Western Civilization that has propagated the belief that IQ is the scale to inreligencija people by. However you can find various references to the other books and research material here which can be useful.