Dregoth Ascending Part 2: The Quest. 1. Dregoth Ascending. Part II: The Quest. Version A Dark Sun adventure for characters of levels http://athas. org Dregoth Ascending Part 2: The Quest. Dregoth Ascending Part II: The Quest Version A Dark Sun adventure for characters of levels A Dark Sun adventure by for characters of levels Dregoth Ascending Part 1: The Day of Light.

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Friday, 25th July, Dark Sun – “Dregoth Ascending: They shall all… pay. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. He called these chosen people ascendong dray, and they reflected the draconic power of their master. The walls of his city were adorned in draconic imagery, celebrating the growing strength of their ruler. But we shall save this story for another time. Originally Posted by ecliptic. The Coruscation Returning to Athas, Dregoth began to unfurl his plan. As they met, they devised a plan to strike at the very ascensing of Guistenal and usurp the Dregoth upon his ivory throne, and deprive him of both city and life.

The Day of Light xscending release http: Wednesday, 4th March, His mastery of the will and of magic was immense, and he was but a breath away from joining Borys as a dragon. She saw the ever growing strength of Dregoth, and feared he would soon ascend fully. Fostered by the chanting of one devote, stalwart ally, life began to return to the mangled body of the sorcerer-king. Rajaat is ever looming, as is Borys of Ebe, the Dragon of Tyr.


Next time, we will take a look into the Prism Pentad, dregotg series of novels that would change the entire scope of Dark Sun forever.

Sunday, 26th December, The Day of Light includes preliminary artwork and maps needed to play the adventure and utilizes the Dark Sun 3e Core Rules, available for free at www. The Outer Planes and Godhood Deep within the ancient ruins that New Guistenal would be built, the Dread King had discovered an artifact of immense power and bewilderment. Rise of the Dead King. Dregoth bore witness to true gods, and it only further enriched the ideas that the Ascsnding King had searched for during his living years.

The Wanderer’s Journal – Darkness Ascending: The Dread King Dregoth (Guest Post)

All Dregoth needed now was a symbol of power, a vestige and holy relic worthy of his prominence. After seeing their king rise from the dead as it were, Dregoth had no worry that his worshippers would be a firm foundation.

Send comments to jon athas. Join Date May Posts Following years of twisted experimentation, Dregoth would finally perfect a spell of metamorphosis.

More harm than good? The Planar Gate, a psionically imbued artifact from the Green Age of Athas, offered a view to the king unlike he had ever scene.

The Wanderer’s Journal – Darkness Ascending: The Dread King Dregoth (Guest Post) – Terminally Nerdy

Tuesday, 21st December, He had revenge, bloody and dark to plot upon the Champions who laid waste to his beloved city and his life, and he would not be denied this revenge. The Day of Light preview release available! In the city-state of Tyr, under the shadow of a grand ziggurat and Kalak, the Tyrant of Tyr, the Champions of Rajaat dregotth see their world begin to change, as a people would rise to challenge their might. If you have questions about Athas he is the man to ask.


Dregoth during his years had become obsessed with the idea of true godhood. Will Dregoth become the deegoth of Athas and see his revenge through? But it is here where we, the story tellers of Athas, have to ascfnding that determination. Abalach-Re, Queen of Raam and closest in proximity to the city of Guistenal had the most to fear.

The Burnt World of Athas

For their sacrifice, Dregoth gave them a solemn promise of prophecy entitled the Coruscation. A final bump for Xmas. Dregoth was on the cusp of reaching that dregpth Borys had obtained through the power of the dark lens, however, Dregoth was doing so on his own accord.

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The Burnt World of Athas – Preview release of Dregoth Ascending: The Day of Light

At least, for the time being. It is believed that the conduits that funnel powers from his devote people simply do not exist on Athas, and that while Dregoth may exact his revenge, he may never see his dream of godhood come to fruition. Emerald waves of negative energy crawled up the torn flesh, knitting through bone and hide, gathering at the face and lingering as a drdgoth mask.