The Fundamentals of Better Diving was written for anyone who wants to get the most out of their diving. From augmenting dive safety to increasing the enjoyment . Hey, Has anyone read this book (by Jarrod Jablonski)? I’m thinking of buying it but want to hear some feedback (Amazon has none yet). thanks. Im not proposing to get into arguing the case for or against the DIR, or Doing It Right, school of diving here. I would only say that, while I think much of what DIR .

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As of MayGUE offered 26 courses in four subject areas.

Doing It Right: The Fundamentals of Better Diving

Louie Bernardo rated it it was amazing May 25, The spring straps are considered more secure and reliable than the conventional rubber and plastic straps. Whereas other conventional training agencies promote customising equipment for particular scenarios and individuals sometimes called “personal preference”DIR strongly advocates everyone always being outfitted similarly with the exception of task-specific equipment.

Individuals may need to switch assignments. Neville rated it it was amazing Jan 03, DIR proponents believe that the most important piece of dive equipment is the diver, followed by the team, and the interactions between the team members.

The familiar DIR equipment configuration is a means to this end. Doing it right the fundamentals of better diving the air content of two bladders is unnecessary additional task loading, which distracts attention from other matters. irght


The Darkness Beckons – Martyn Farr

Add to cart Add to wish list Dispatched within 1 Day. Deep cave diving requires a comprehensive and detailed plan.

This version of “DIR” will likely have little resemblance to the original. The standardized approach is the basis of the diver training program of GUE, marking an important difference from the programs of other diver training organizations.

Global Underwater Explorers – Wikipedia

In this context, streamlining includes the aspect of reducing hydrodynamic drag when swimming, but more importantly, the reduction of entanglement and entrapment hazards due to equipment components to a minimum.

This page was last edited on 24 Julyat This latter training component is lf controversial aspect of GUE training, [ citation needed ] as it stipulates a fairly strict set of guiding principles.

The notion of a unified dive team is fundamentwls to the DIR philosophy. We also use some non-essential cookies doing it right the fundamentals of better diving help us improve the site. CheeseWhizDec 8, I’m going to hold off on the book and wait for the movie. The vitriol expressed about other non-DIR diving practices and non-DIR diving personalities has been criticised as having gone well beyond the bounds of common decency and proper professional behaviour on many occasions.

The Goodman handle allows the diver rigth direct the beam of the light while leaving the hand free to perform other functions.

You may also be interested in the following product s. Streamlining and maintaining a low profile and cross sectional area are important considerations but effectiveness and robust applicability to a wide range of environments are possibly more important, as they allow a basic core configuration that is effective in virtually any recreational diving situation, and allow standardisation of procedures, which in turn lets the diving team be assembled from similarly trained and equipped divers, who integrate more easily into an effective team.


Earn AQ Miles for sharing! Your name or email address: Kate Mye rated it it was amazing Mar 03, Retrieved 8 February Redundancy in equipment is necessary in main life-support systems. The basic principle of DIR diving also includes familiarity of all divers in the team with all equipment used by the team, and all the procedures intended to be used by the team, and that interchangeability of DIR doing it right the fundamentals of better diving between teams is highly desirable.

Diver training, certification and accreditation organisations. GUE is a research group that uses it. It is easy to get a lot of misconceptions on what dir is and means, this book is a good solid intro to the basics.

Retrieved 6 November GUE is a nonprofit c 3 organization formed to promote education, conservation, and exploration of the aquatic bettef.