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It is the only glossmeter combining highest accuracy, ease-of-use and multiple functionality – essential for today`s testing requirements. DIN DIN Reflectometer as a means for gloss assessment of plane surfaces of paint coatings and plastics. Reflectometer as a means for gloss assessment of plane surfaces of paint coatings and plastics. Products. ZGM GLOSSMETER. This tiny instrument can.

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United Kingdom Highways Agency.

DIN – Zehntner GmbH

The interval 667530 checking this calibration is dependent on the frequency of use and the operating conditions of the glossmeter. National Bureau of Standards, produced a paper on the methods of determining gloss. Gloss is determined by projecting a beam of light at a fixed intensity and angle 6753 a surface and measuring the amount of reflected light at an equal but opposite angle. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. In this paper he discussed instruments that were available at the time including the ones mentioned previously in relation to the classification of six different types of gloss.

Corp of Engineers Specifications. Ministere des transports du Quebec MTQ.


Ingersoll successfully applied for and patented this instrument a few years later in International Organization for Standardization. For transparent materials, these values can also be increased due to multiple reflections within the material. A number of instruments are commercially available that conform to the above standards in terms of their measurement geometry. Orange peel is caused by an uneven surface formation of large surface structures distorting the reflected light.


Goods and Services Identification Number. Pfund’s instrument, allowed the angle of measurement to be varied, but maintained the angle of view to the angle of illumination. Traffic Engineering Council Committee. In this paper Hunter also detailed the general requirements for a standardised glossmeter. Two high gloss surfaces can measure identically with a standard glossmeter but can be visually very different. Physical tests of varnishes, Proc.

American Wood Protection Association.

Standard DIN 67530

World 63,Elec. The measurement scale, gloss units GUof a glossmeter is a scaling based on a highly polished reference black glass standard with a 677530 refractive index having a specular reflectance of GU at the specified angle. National Fire Protection Association. American Society of Safety Engineers.

However it is often recommended by manufacturers that the instrument also be checked to verify its operation on a frequency dependent on the operating conditions. The gloss characteristics of photographic papers, J. Erosion Control Technology Council. Muncipal Engineers Association of Ontario. National Concrete Masonry Association. International Concrete Repair Institute. The surface has less reflective contrast and a shallow milky effect. Society for Protective Coatings.

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World 64, 35 ; Paper 27, 18 Feb. Of the many internationally recorded publications relating to gloss measurement, the earliest recorded studies perceived and instrumental are attributed to Ingersoll, [1] who in developed a means to measure the glare of paper. For these applications it is common to use percent reflection of incident light rather than gloss units. Canadian General Standards Board. Ontario Statutes, Regulations, etc. A few of these also resulted in patents.

A typical glossmeter consists of a fixed mechanical assembly comprising a standardised light source that projects a parallel beam of light onto the test surface to be measured and a filtered detector located to receive the rays reflected from the surface. Society of Automotive Engineers. In Jones, [2] during his study of gloss of photographic papers using goniophotometry, developed a glossmeter based on his research, which provided closer correlation to gloss ratings assigned by visual evaluation.

DIN Drainage channels for vehicular and pedestrian areas. ASTM has a number of other gloss-related standards designed for application in specific industries.