(Note: READ the poem FIRST, before this commentary.) Delmira Agustini ( – ) She was a rising poet in Uruguay, known for original imagery while. Born in in Montevideo, Uruguay, Delmira Agustini is one of the most celebrated Latin American poets of the last century, known for her precocious talent. Explosion. If life is love, blessed be life! I want more life to love. Today I feel A thousandyears of an idea are worth not One beautiful instance of the soul. My heart.

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From The White Book Fragile p. She was found dead with him the next morning in a short-time hotel in Montevideo, the victim of a murder-suicide. The explosion of love is unexpected, uncontrolled, agustiini uncontrollable. DeclarationsDelmira AgustinitranslationUruguaywoman poet. Eros is the protagonist in many of Agustini’s literary works.

Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves. Before experiencing these new emotions, the tone of the poem was filled with desperation and sadness caused by the absence of love within the heart. Delmira Agustini If life were love, how blessed it would be! My sorrow flies into the night, sad, cold With its broken wings; Like an old scar that continues to ache— In the distant shade it dissolves… All my life sings, kisses, laughs!

Delmira Augustini is considered to be the first major woman poet in Latin America. Delmira Agustini October 24, – July 6,an Uruguayan poet, was a Latin American poet of the early 20th century. Una aproximacion a la poesia de Delmira Agustini Biblioteca.


In his poem “Amar” To Lovewhich is posted here, Carlos Drummond de Andrade writes of the heart as being a bottomless reservoir of Love. Life rushes forth like a turbulent sea Whipped by the hand of love.

Delmira Augustinin – Uruguay.

A Collection of Poems: Explosion – Delmira Agustini

De poeta y de loco. Part of my objective for the project is to see how re-reading, selecting, and commenting on so much “love poetry” would affect my own energy, spirit, receptivity, and capacity to love. She published her first volume of poetry when she was twenty-one and followed with two more in the next six years: Married but a few weeks, she had separated from her husband but agreed agustihi see him one last time.

Love is the underlying emotion that humanity desires, however, it never lasts forever.

Contact Contact Us Help. Newer Post Older Post Home. Her life was cut short inwhen Enrique Job Reyes, her ex-husband, shot her to death and then turned the gun on himself.

She wrote for the magazine La Alborada The Dawn. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

No other poem speaks as much to me in encouraging that optimistic, hopeful view. In this poem I like the way the author took negative emotions of sorrow and sadness and change them to positive emotions of joy and love.

Check out this poem from an earlier posting, which has some marvelous lines about that flip side – loss – of love. Built on epxlosion Johns Hopkins University Campus.

In addition to beginning to write poetry when she was 10 years old, she studied French, music and painting. Back Cover Download Save. She is buried in the Central Cemetery of Montevideo.


In my understanding of the poem, Augustini attempts to tell us how despair and sorrow are the two reactants that explosino cause an explosion producing love.

Life continues onward yet the feeling of love rattles the balance of life.

Explosión (Explosion) – Poem by Delmira Agustini

Carefully selected for this bilingual, en face edition, the poems collected here track and highlight Agustini’s development and strengths as an artist—including her methods of experimentation, first relying on modernista forms and later abandoning them—and her focus on the figure of the male, which she portrays as the crux of devotion and attention but deems ultimately unreachable.

She died in her house in MontevideoUruguay. Their divorce was finalized on June 5, From Morning Songs p. Manage research, learning and skills at defaultlogic. Delmira Agustini was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, on October 24, to wealthy parents of German and Italian descent. Yeats 2 Wislawa Szymborska 2 ancient Egypt 2 A. She married Enrique Job Reyes on August 14, but left him a month later. Thus my goal is to post one poem each day for a year as an exercise and meditation on the subject.

She was a rising poet augstini Uruguay, known for original imagery while exhibiting wxplosion strong command of traditional Spanish meters and forms, when she died at the age of