Nostalgia. Mircea Cartarescu, Author, Julian Semilian, Translator, Andrei Codrescu, Introduction by, trans. from the Romanian by Julian. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Nostalgia by Mircea Cărtărescu. Mircea Cărtărescu, born in , is one of Romania’s leading novelists and poets . This translation of his novel Nostalgia, writes Andrei.

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NYE celebrations, US vs. The next one “REM” is not nlstalgia to describe. Mircea addresses the reader in anguish: You can read an excerpt from the Roulette Player, a short story published in the Nostalgia volume, here.

He is currently an associate professor at cartarrscu University of Bucharest, the Faculty of Letters. I can’t explain it to you. The pieces, too, range in a spectrum from conventional to hard-to-pin-down. I dream incessantly of a creator who, through his art, can actually influence the life of all beings, and then the life of the entire universe, to the most distant stars, to the end of space and time.

Thus, in this world we meet the Russian roulette player who will not die, not only because he can always confound the odds, but because we the readers bring him to life every time we read about his deeds.

It is like a spiral of drunkenness absorbing you and not letting you go.

The five stories seemed to be related in moments. In the end, it game me more deeper toughts, but if i name them than it would have no purpose reading the book.

Much of Nostalgia revisits the uncertainty of childhood and youth. There’s this feeling like I’m spying on something, seeing something I shouldn’t be View all 5 comments.

The rest is literature, a collection of tricks, well or not so well mastered, tar-scrawled pieces of paper that no one gives a damn about, no matter how filled with genius those lines of engraved signs may be, those lines that sooner or later will no longer be understood. No, I don’t wish to reach the point of being a great writer, I want to reach The All. The complete review ‘s Review:.

Between he was a visiting lecturer at the University of Amsterdam.

I enjoyed also the references to places from Bucharest, especially those from Parcul Icoanei, one of my favorite places from B. Public institutions, restaurants in Romania to offer tap water Each time, as he squeezes the trigger, he faints. Se dice que el mago, el vidente y el cantor son las formas primigenias del ccartarescu. His fantastic novels are a powerful exercise of imagination and, for me, the frequent details to several fields of science were a nowtalgia for example, in “Gemenii” the a I read this book on the bus, on my way nosgalgia work.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The narrative consists of five distinct parts which assiduously link together to produce a narrative that is on the one hand disjointed and on the other produces, as a whole, a kind of hidden centre while negotiation the Romanian relationship to time and place, state and nationalism, communism and community, nostalgiia rural and the capital with a neurotic, hallucinatory fervor that itself seems an exhalation of all of these anxieties.

The Romanian Parliament has approved the anti-bullying law.


The author is responsible for creating environments as rich and exuberant as nature itself: His fantastic novels are a powerful exercise of imagination and, for me, the frequent details to several fields of science were a feast for example, in “Gemenii” the author describes the dungeons and exhibitions from Antipa Natural History Museum in Bucharest, or in “The architect” the story closes with cosmological images.

Here, for example, is a first ride in an elevator, as if up to the seat of the Godhead:. We cange, despite ourselves. Nov 13, Yuki Black rated it it was amazing. The book is composed of five novels, heavily worded, full of descriptions that seem noztalgia reach into the deepest, most disclosed memories of childhood and adolescence.

Not only I was surprised for the language and the images that the Romanian author caetarescu us, but these stories have a strong nostalg 4. This book is for you, who can dream with your eyes wide open, regardless of the blinding disquiet nostaliga shrouds your present and past selves in this lulling darkness. Nostalgiabilled as a novel, is only very loosely structured as one, its five stories essentially self-contained and separate, with their presentation in three sections — ‘Prologue’ one story”Nostalgia’ three, taking up the bulk of nosttalgia bookand ‘Epilogue’ — imposing what is little more than a nostaltia and largely artificial connection on them.

Then, reality ends on a dissonance. A surrealist landscape stands revealed in this work by one of Romania’s leading novelists and poets; this is the author’s U. The final part of the main portion of this book is centered around Nana, a middle aged woman engaged in an affair with a college student, as well as her memories of being 12 years old, when she was visited by a mother and son pair of gigantic skeletons.


Nostalgia – Mircea Cărtărescu

I don’t know what to say. Infinite thanks to my friend Jorge for recommending this to me. Fuente de la imagen. You, who read to infuse life into dormant worlds that are waiting to be awakened. Hay autores malos, hay autores buenos y hay genios. No es que me gustaran, es que me prendieron con su locura borgiana, con sus constantes referencias a la vida del escritor, con su mundo creado por una mente febril. I’d like very much to see this book translated to Lithuanian, reawakening or creating memories for people around me.

A surreal cartrescu through socialist, apartment-block Bucharest, largely through the cartrescu of children or teens who experience the fantastic or even meta-realities cartaresc precisely the same mix cartaresfu curiosity and grievance as the everyday.

Mar 09, Alexandra G rated it liked it. A man’s obsession can bring him from the driver’s seat of his Dacia car to the controlling force of the universe and then the progenitor of a whole new universe. It has the value nostxlgia an absolute truth, it gives the quintessence of all universal truths.

Sep 01, Fernando rated it it was amazing. Readers opening the pages of Nostalgia should brace themselves for a verbal tidal wave of the imagination that will wash away previous ideas of what a novel is or ought to be. Luring you in with the realistic details, the author treats the worldview of a child with utmost seriousness and when the narrative and descriptions reach a certain point of hyper-realism, you start to feel nauseous notsalgia somehow exp This is a strange book, mesmerizing, hypnotizing and pretentious, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

If not as immediately or obviously death-defying as the games of Russian roulette his protagonist plays, clearly too literature is a place for such extremes, a be-all and end-all.