[DocOpen(“%”)][FileOpen(“%bm.p cannot execute the command. Acrobat Reader appears, but with no file Thanks. Configuration. docopen() fileopen() cannot execute the command: nov 1 year ago Problem when updating my tex folder with TexnicCenter open. The problem: Recently I installed TeXnicCenter, which, by the way, is my As a result of this, the DDE command and the location of the PDF.

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Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. It certainly belongs there and I couldn’t find this answer anywhere there already. Post as a guest Name.

About LaTeX

These are the same settings including file paths, which I think are correct because that is where I find the executables in the folders as in Configure TeXnic Center with Sumatra for the viewer tab and the same settings as suggested in How to configure TeXnicCenter 2. For fast typers it is easier to keep the hands on the keyboard. Instead of typing in a document showing the final layout the document is typed as a simple text file.

The layout of Microsoft Word and OpenOffice documents is always based on the currently selected printer driver. In your third image you showed that your configuration is missing something. I use Acrobat Pro XI and have the following settings: I didn’t work for me until I tried that. Werner can you clarify what you mean by “an updated view in SumatraPDF”?


Acrobat X seems to have changed the servername and this is breaking things. There is a similar issue with Adobe Reader before I switched Control In particular, it was point 4 that I needed to do, and despite searching a while, this is the only place I have found advice to switch the DDE command to [AppExit] and it worked a treat.

Control 4 Close document before running La TeX: The command for the “view project’s outputs” has to be: I had to use a combination of the above answers, though, so I thought I would document what worked for me.

So not major problems but just small annoyances. When I build the output, I can view it in pdf using sumatrapdf by pressing F5 sometimes, but most of the time I have to rebuild the output until it works. Something I needed to do as well as changing the server was: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Claudia 3 There are some lines that run past the picture; here they are: The following sections will provide the answers… Concentrate on Content not on Layout When you write a document you should concentrate on execuye content insted of its layout. When I press F5, and the document opens, Acrobat Reader does not become the top window the focus stays with TexnicCenter.

I did as you indicated but it did not work for me: Can anyone give some insight to solve txeniccenter problem either by fixing DDE or how to close the pdf automatically when it is recompiled? Because in LaTeX different text styles are referenced by markup cabnot you will be quicker with LaTeX than with other systems. It did not work in my case too.

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Open it in your favorite PDF-viewer like i. Sign up using Email and Password. When inserting tesniccenter figure there you might move it to different positions until you get the look you like.

Your solution is a “bazooka” since any other tabs in Acrobat Reader are closed too, but it does work! Post as a guest Name. So, it takes an cannott click or so. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

I assume you’re fine with an updated view in SumatraPDF until some random later compilation.

TeXnicCenter “cannot execute the command” – Page 3

Even today, many — especially scientific — books are written using LaTeX. Short Example To get an idea of what we are talking about, lets run through a short example.

Open your favorite text editor — even Notepad will be good enough — and enter the following text do not mind the colors — they are just to make it a little bit more clear for your: When tuning a document at home and printing it at the college the result may be quite different. The command for the “view project’s outputs” has to be:.

Please see the following image from my profile in german, but you can see easily where you have to change it I added this post just because of users like us Sign up using Facebook.