Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. Though it never goes for the Body of Work: Meditations on Mortality from the Human Anatomy Lab – Kindle edition by Christine Montross. Download it once and read it on your . Montross, Christine Body of Work is a cleverly crafted memoir – or, rather, the first chapter of a memoir – of the author’s medical school. A “gleaming, humane” (The New York Times Book Review) memoir of the relationship between a cadaver named Eve and a first-year medical student Medical.

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Eve is a person to her, as she would be to most of us, I suspect.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It is sensitive, erudite, scholarly, and meticulously assembled; in fact, it gathers structure and coherence the more Eve disintegrates before our eyes.

This last bit of family history is worth the price of the book alone.

I found it fascinating when she talked about how many medical students have nightmares monyross their semester in the cadaver lab.

I have read in other reviews that Montross is a poet, which is clear as day in her choice of words and metaphors – lovely. When she first arrived there was a briefcase that had her name on it. I love medical bodyy and medical nonfiction and memoirs, and this was one of the best I have read. This hit home for me. Such is the risk of writing and reading a phenomenology of monyross.

Montross describes an operation in which the surgeons cannot locate one of the major blood vessels to cauterise it, and the patient’s abdomen fills with blood faster than anyone can suction it out.

However, it also drove home a point that I wish I chrisgine known a few years ago. At times, in fact at most times, specific knowledge in medicine seems to be better understood than general knowledge. Portrait 14from the Skeleton Series Original painting by Mohd Hairi Yaakub The dissection process is the medical student’s first confrontation with establishing an appropriate emotional distance between doctor and patient.

But how many of these have I actually seen die? There is not only the gathering of factual knowledge, but the growth of the spirit that takes place and certainly makes me real I am in awe of every single person that embarks on the journey of going through medical school. I was so touched by how Montross describes her wrok with Eve, a body she comes to motnross intimately while in the course of a human anatomy course in medical school This book is astoundingly beautiful.


Body of Work by Christine Montross | : Books

But really, they are all the same just different on the outside. Goslow hypothesizes that boxy had some kind of abdominal surgery and that in the closing of the surgical wound the bosy got tucked in, like a seam.

Christine Montross’s book, Body of Work, was very intriguing and interesting. It treats all from the body undergoing dissection to the students, doctors and patients with a great deal of humanism and respect.

It will hardly be noticed, I discover, as I walk down the [street] There was no evidence of major surgery inside Eve’s abdomen. Some of them behold montoss cadavers’ faces for the first time. More recently, I was at the bedside of my cousin when he was declared brain dead and let go.

Apparently, all medical students feel the same way, only some are made aware of these feelings through their instructors and peers and can talk about it, and others are just made to feel that it’s all you and in your head. In fact, she devotes the final pages to this metamorphosis and what it means to the person undergoing the transition from caring student to detached physician, and whether one can retain enough caring, while remaining sufficiently detached to function as one must as a clinician, to become both a whole person and competent physician: I will read it again and again, as you should Instantly became a favorite.

An example of this is that everyone I see I find something distinctive about them that is so beautiful.

Body of Work

It is always mind-blowing to me that my brain can multitask with so many things at one time. Phenotypical or genital sex: Summary Body of Work is a cleverly crafted memoir – or, rather, the first chapter of a memoir – of the author’s medical school experience at Brown University School of Medicine in Providence, Rhode Island.

For me, this book was perfect and hit a perfect time. However, bear in mind that one must have a strong stomach to withstand the graphic imagery.

Thank you so much. A hauntingly moving memoir of the relationship between a cadaver named Eve and the first-year medical student who cuts her chirstine Christine Montross was a nervous first-year medical student, standing outside the anatomy lab on her first day of class, preparing herself for what was to come.

As a doctor and a cardiac surgeon christie book touched me deeply. This is one of those rare mobtross that got into my marrow and changed at least for a time, if not forever my way of thinking about things; not merely mortality and the relationship of my physical being to that slippery concept of what constitutes a “self”, but much de I admit to being somewhat reluctant to review this book, as if to do so is to finally let go of the experience of reading it, much like writing the epitaph of a loved one might mean another step in letting go of the fact of a life.


Throw in a little history of dissection, some medical terminology, a great narrator, and some emotional anecdotes; allow to soak in as needed and you have a recipe for a good read or listen!

Gently but inexorably, she shines a light on our bodies and our cherishing of them in a way that leaves us moved and shaken, yet feeling more than ever a sense of the glory of our own being, of the mystery of that being, of how unfathomable the connection between what is flesh and what is, purely and finally, us.

It struck me as ironic that the one organ which looks pretty much the same from one cadaver to another is the same one in which I would expect to montrosd the greatest variation: Once they are there, they decide to take the tape off the face. For among the many questions raised by Body of Work is this: Anatomy is probably impossible to properly describe through words alone, I recommend getting a body or going on tour at a local cadaver lab.

What do we have invested in the sanctity of the human body, and why? How does one go about purchasing a man in one-inch increments? THe semilunar valves work like a dream, catching the water as sails catch wind, closing fast and preventing any leakage. I carry your body to the funeral pyre.

In early anatomy-education times, Favorite tidbits: As part of that training, she had to pass through the proving ground of the gross anatomy lab, where she was required to dissect a bodh body.

This is one of those books I started reading just because I have it, not knowing what I was getting into, not expecting much. Kind of a mixed book for me. Aug 16, James Sorensen rated it really liked it. I especially liked the historical references she provided.