Blood Feud (The Drake Chronicles) [Alyxandra Harvey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Harvey, Alyxandra. Summary: A fast paced, humorous and light, easy read that fans of sexy vampires will love, however it doesn’t quite live up to the promise of dark, political. Blood Feud By Alyxandra Harvey – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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As Blood Feud was one of the books that made me go “you’ve got be kidding me. Isabeau was a great character. Categories Fiction Non-fiction Children’s books Authors. It’s probably one of the most unique vampire worlds yet, bloor it’s a series to keep an eye on.

The flashbacks to her life in Paris during Blood Feud, the second instalment in the Drake Chronicles, is a fun, action-packed and enjoyable read. This book is about the second youngest Drake brother Logan and how everyone than he is more than just the drake brother who dresses fancy. Like most whose fealty lies with the royal court, Logan knows little about the vampires known as Hounds and most of what he does know turns out alyxandar be wholly false, greatly exaggerated or woefully out-of-date.

It is fun to read the romantic antics of this brother of the main character from the first book. In this one we learn more about the Hounds. That aside, I loved what was happening between Logan and Isabeau and look forward to more. While I did love the first book a bit more, I still really enjoyed and loved this one as well. Following two different characters – one of Solange’s brothers Logan and a Hound named Isabeau – there’s the same new romance and it follows the arc of the first story line, just from a different point of view.

Blood Feud

Blood Feud alternates between Isabeau’s past and present, and the connection between them. I’m taking them all back and am thankful I didn’t spend money on them. Imagine your friend has never met your cousin, who is a rather intimidating man. I do feel like she betrayed her character a bit when around Logan – but guys will do that to a girl.


Isabeau, as it turns out, is almost as ignorant about the Drakes and their court as Logan is about the Hounds. Even though I kept trying to convince myself that these ideas and myths were likely around long before either series was written, I got to the point that I checked the publication date because it seemed impossible that this was written without any influence from the Twilight series result: I will keep reading this saga.


It should be the other way round. Oohh, there is also a nifty family tree included in the book which I found really helpful, it can get confusing trying to remember who is who sometimes. Maybe I’m just getting tired of vampire romance, or tired of magic, or In this secon book, Blood Feud, Logan is one of the main characters. Not as good as the first, Hearts At Stake.

Und alle geliebten Charaktere aus dem ersten Band sind auch wieder vorgekommen. In fact, I alyxanxra hoping they might die to break the This book might be more entertaining for It’s too bad they couldn’t portray her more accurately. This book might be more entertaining for Okay this was so disappointing. Naturally, they take out their weapons.

It just seem to drag on and on. There is still plenty of Lucy and her fiery relationship with Nicholas, and we see the feux members of the Drake family as well. Alyxandra Harvey continues the plot in Love Lies Bleeding smoothly, without foregoing the development of the relationships Nicholas-Lucy!

Book II: Blood Feud

As for the plot, it was another disappointment. I am loving the chemistry that the Drake family have.

Meh, probably not even then. I was really pleased with this book because book 1 in the series Hearts at Stake didn’t interest me much but Blood Feud was so much more interesting. Alxyandra Chronicles 6 books. In this second book in the series, the romance revolves arou I can’t believe I didn’t add this book after I finished reading it.


Of course, you didn’t tell your friend about the policemen, so your friend, who happens to be a paranoid person, whips out the gun she always carries just harvye case, and shoots one of the cops dead. I had some issues with the cover of the first Drake Chronicles book, and while this one is a marked improvement, the cover alyxandar is a huge miss for Isabeau. She likes chai lattes, tattoos, and books. Blood Feud follows the story of Isabeau and Logan.

Blood Feud by Alyxandra Harvey – FictionDB

I hope the next book has a more evil guy – Feudd like my guys super evil and he just didn’t play up to the part. But the Drakes are like no vampires Isabeau has ever met, and they aren’t like royalty either. The relationship between Isabelle and Logan was barely developed. Aside from the ghosts, she also lives with three dogs and her husband. The last instalment, My Love Lies Bleeding had so much promise, with the political intrigue, the unique vampire mythology, and some interesting characters.

Their love grew slowly, and she had to let go of some of those from her past in order to let him into her future. A Breath of Frost and Whisper the Dead. Dec 29, Destiny rated it liked it.

Book II: Blood Feud – Alyxandra Harvey

However, the book left me happy overall so I can’t complain. View on the Mobile Site. Weren’t you paying attention? It kept me on edge and engaged in the book. I will continue to blkod only because I am hoping they get better.