Beastly Tales from Here and There has ratings and 43 reviews. Shriya said: DISCLAIMER: By the time she finished the book, the reviewer was so deeply. LibraryThing Review. User Review – GlebtheDancer – LibraryThing. This collection of poems is a wry look at some children’s classics, giving them a modern twist. An attractively packaged gift book offers ten charming, elegant fables in verse from India, China, Greece, Ukraine, and the fantastic Land of Gup. By the author of.

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Beastly Tales From Here and There is a beastlu of ten stories written in the form of poems. Jan 15, Marianne rated it it was amazing.

Beastly Tales from Here and There

View all 4 comments. If the latter, I highly recommend A Suitable Boy. Be the first to review this item Amazon Best Sellers Rank: Keep this for one of those rainy days literally! Also studied at Oxford, Stanford, and Nanjing Universities.

What a well-deserved disgrace That the fool has lost this race. I never get the hype around the Indian poets, though I am an Indian myself.

In world of beasts and that of men, There have been a few occasions when Such good books have been created Which can be read and appreciated By both the old and the young And which leave a musical note on one’s tongue Whose rhythmic pattern tends to stay With the Reader day after day Yes, such a book is seldom read That makes one travel through one’s head To shores of Greece, lands of Ukraine And feel the Chinese wind and Indian rain And then again, very rarely Does one stumble upon such poetry That gives the animals a voice And leaves the Reader with no choice But to admire the versatility Of the person who so effortlessly Turns Aesop’s fables into rhymes And revives the good old times Of Grandma’s winter Fairy-tales Stories of doves and parrots, ducks and quails Indeed much like a box of sweets Anyone can enjoy the rhythmic beats Of these poems where Mr Seth Turned tales into poems much like ‘The Golden Gate’.


They all have a moral to them and some of them are recognisable like The Hare and the Tortoise.

Seth uses the voice of these two animals to let out his frustrations and reveals to the reader his aching heart at the sight of continued deforestations. Thank you for your appreciative words.

vlkram Whatever be the reason, I know I still love reading these poems aloud… and my wife still loves hearing me recite these poems. Let me know if this makes sense for your blog. Beastly Tales from Here and There Paperback. They are incredibly rhythmic and sing song and a pure joy to read even without the little denouements he packs in at the end.

Seth is brilliant when it comes to verse. Although these characters are elephants and cats and wolves and mice, their souls are unmistakably human. Write a customer review. May 25, Reply.

Vikram Seth displays mastery in poetry and this is especially a good book to read out aloud to children or anyone, so that the lyrical and rhyming quality of the words are effectively brought out.

I love the review simply because I vikrma excited reading it.

Beastly tales from here and there – Vikram Seth – Google Books

Jul 29, Sandhya rated it liked it Recommends it for: I especially enjoyed The Hare And The Tortoisewhich the author writes with much chutzpah and there’s a nice little twist in the end. I would love to hear this read aloud. By the time she finished the book, the reviewer was so deeply influenced by the rhymes in this little book of tales that she couldn’t keep the wannabe poet inside her from casting forth the following lines.

A great book for Literacy and poetry besatly lessons. Have just discovered your blog today and this is my second comment. But they do add charm to any poetry reading. The next day I called up the publisher and asked him when he would be getting copies of this book.


Beastly Tales from Here and There by Vikram Seth

Jul 8, Reply. He has just borrowed them and put them in his own words. But all of these poems carry a deep meaning, which is meant to be read and understood by all.

The rest are also good. The final story in the collection – the longest too bdastly is The Elephant and the Tragopan. I was reading… and vikra wife and my son listened. Barring these classic works, I haven’t really bothered with verse, especially when it comes to modern writers. Beastly Tales from Here and There Author: It’s not like a MUST read but it’s a good one if you’re in a mood for something different.

The Timeless Beastly Tales by Vikram Seth – A Review

Try it in any csae. Well, those were the non-PC and non-internet days and we all depended solely on the daily newspapers, the weekly and the monthly magazines, and the discussions on viram staircases! HarperCollinsMay 1, – Fiction – pages. Aalooran Rahman Bora says:.

Thank you for your kind words. Seth uses these timeless fables to bare our darkest baestly to us. The tales I used to hear from my GrandPa. During interviews, Vikram Seth has admitted that his decision to write this Jungle book fable was an impulsive one, prompted by a hot, sleepy day. Wishing you my wishes for IBL!