Ralph Woodrow Evangelistic Association, Inc. ISBN x. Single Copies. $ (Guantity prices on reduest). Available from your local bookstore. Babylon Mystery Religion is a book first published in and reprinted in by the Ralph Woodrow Evangelistic Association. In the book Woodrow draws. In a scholarly and understandable style, this book explains why Woodrow removed his very popular book BABYLON MYSTERY RELIGION from publication .

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. I’ll trust years of that to some wiki that are notorious for being propaganda mouthpieces and simplistic interpretations from such. Apart from the earlier mystfry, here is another other link on Hislop which I can recommend: Babylon Mystery Religion Ralph Woodrow. View all 3 comments.

The apostles had predicted there would a “falling away” and the proof of their prediction is now evident in history. The apostles had predicted there would come a “falling away” and the proof of their prediction is now evident in history.

With such evidence in hand, religino true believers should seek, as never before, the simplicity found in Christ himself and to earnestly contend for that bbaylon faith which was once delivered unto the saints.

Some details are astonishing. Instead, he painstakingly investigated the matter and found the teacher was right. The worst part of this judgment was that they would not know they had been cut off.

The apostasy is actually the re-emergence of the falph religions into the public domain in a large scale and this is certainly what we have with the New Age Masonic in originHinduism concepts, yoga ritual sex with Kali and a thousand relition things that are “commonplace” in todays society.

Not one says anything about Nimrod and Semiramis being husband and wife! In any case, I’m very curious with Woodrow’s succeeding book that negates whatever he said in this one. Wikipedia article, Alexander Hislop.


My feelings toward you is of pity and sorrow that a man of God can become so deceived. Oct 23, Xanther Calldemore rated it it was amazing. My prayer for you is that God shall give you grace to repent. Was Nimrod a deformed, ugly black reljgion, and Semiramis a beautiful white woman with blue eyes and blond hair? The basic thesis of “Babylon Mystery Religion” is that Christianity, particularly Roman Catholicism, has been mixed with Babylonian mystery religion.

The story of Tower of Babel tells how God divided the peoples of the Earth by giving them different languages so that they could eoodrow build the Tower of Babel: Ralph and Arlene Woosrow.

Just looking at it from the natural ORDER as created by God this makes no sense saying God created “confusion”, this is reflected in the human ordering of things, which always baby,on for stability. Want to Read saving…. I learned a lot about how much influence paganism has on Christianity. Vance rated it it was amazing May 24, Lists with This Book. It’s an interesting book. After careful study and prayerful consideration, he came to the conclusion ralpb he could no longer offer it in clear conscience.

I will note here that a year or two after I read it and 30 years after publication, the author pulled it from bagylon shelves and submitted a “sanitized” version. Research resources on religious movements, cults, sects, world religions and related issues.

I myself read this book when it was loaned to me by a friend around Even i could have never thought of my Christmas decors having been rooted to paganism and the worship of the Sun god.

Babylon Mystery Religion: Ancient and Modern by Ralph Woodrow

So don’t put me in that category. Even in the Bible it was said that the wise accepts advice, but the fool mocks correction. We would notice that places of worship featured a tower.


But they fail to mention that the very manna given by God was round! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Babylon Mystery Religion is a detailed Biblical and historical account of how, when, why, and where ancient paganism was mixed with Christianity.

A Profile in Integrity: Ralph Woodrow

This is one of the clearest, most concise books I’ve relibion to date exposing the Catholic Church for what it is. Although I’m not entirely convinced about some of the examples Woodrow presents e. Dec 12, Charmaine Whittington rated it really liked it.

Please be aware that in rejecting Hislop’s wild claims about Roman Catholicism I am in no way defending error where it is present within Romanist doctrine, indeed, my whole internet ministry is based on exposing theological error wherever it may be foundbut I believe that it is vital for Christian Apologetics and Countercult ministries to ensure that they carefully substantiate all claims. Back to Books Can’t find something?

God spoke through the prophet Ezekiel, and told the priests who had profaned themselves and their ministry that they would be left standing but they were to bear their shame and they would not have access to God. Those too lazy to do even that, and that’s most people, deserve what they get.

He did this knowing that it would mean the subsequent loss of his great popularity, as well as paid speaking engagements, and mountains of cash in future sales and sequels like modern end-times gurus churn out in grotesque quantities.