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Home arrow Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC arrow AR Supply Policy Below the National Level. Reference URL. In a manual supply operation this regulation is used in conjunction with DA Pam –2–1 and DA Pam –2–2. Applicability. This regulation applies to the. DA PAM SUPPLY SUPPORT ACTIVITY SUPPLY SYSTEM: MANUAL PROCEDURES. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FROM APD. Recently Added.

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Personal Command responsibility 1.

DA PAM –2–2 – AKO US Army

Other transactions such as lateral transfers and AARs, which are not processed through an SSA must be 710–2 reported by the property book officer to the central collection activity CCA. Shop stocks are authorized for—. The equipment is used to prevent unauthorized disclosure. The appropriate TAC cards are submitted per paragraph c below.

Preprinted component hand receipts may be used as hand receipt annex by entering the quantity missing opposite the quantity which was to be issued. These CIFs may provide initial issue, replacement, and temporary loan of safety clothing and equipment.

MTOE organizations may exceed the line limit when all the following conditions exist:.

DA PAM 710–2–2

The duplicate is kept by the personreceiving the supplies. For medical equipment repair parts load list, submit a request to C o m m a n d e rU. Aviation units are not restricted to the line limit. Army transportation units watercraft units only.

Security controls required per the assigned controlled inventory item code CIIC are maintained until completion of the demilitarization process. Responsibility will be assigned and acknowledged in writing for all property recorded in the property book as on hand.

Evidenced by a command position of any type 3. For an ammunition basic load requested on a preapproved DA Form Request For Issue and Turn-In of Ammunitionbut not on hand, the document number will be entered to the property book.


Not contingent upon signed receipts. Commanders and supervisors ensure inventory of property is taken per table 2—2. The property will be marked with sufficient identification data so that a person unfamiliar with the property may easily identify it.

Automated Resources Management System. Commanders or appointed accountable property officers will receipt for supplies for their units or activities in an AIT enabled environment.

The using unit commander approves operational load lists. Demand satisfaction or net availability. Ensure subordinate’s activities are contributing to the proper care of equipment 3. Rejections are not included. Units will not spend resources to upgrade found on installation property before turn-in.

The control period for computing stockage of PLL of Class 9 repair parts is days. RATTS is designed to provide the identification of the last Army activity accountable for a specific serial-numbered cell and to track wipe test data.

The owning organization will turn the items into the supporting SSA. Centrally managed items with a NSN assigned that are commercially available when the designated approving official the individual who supervises the cardholder determines the purchase to be in the best interest of the Government. Automated systems may use the “use-one, order-one” concept. Bench stocks are low cost, high use, consumable Class 2, 3 packaged4 and 9 less components items used by maintenance personnel at an unpredictable rate.

Stocks of these items will not be duplicated in unit OCIE stocks. The soldier keeps a personal copy. The formula for inventory accuracy is—total lines without substantial difference, divided by total lines inventoried, timesequals the percentage of inventory accuracy.

The objective is to have no adjustment action and the management level is to have adjustment action on no more than 5 percent of the line item numbers LINs inventoried. The objective is to have no adjustment actions and the management level for total adjustments is not to exceed 2.


Pass complete!

A PBO may at the end item and associated components on a hand receipt if desired for purposes of configuration control. However, demands must be recorded for purchases of repair parts. Property will be stored per DOD The SSA ensures appropriate disposition action per table 4—1 or 4—2, of this regulation.

Commanders must ensure that turn-in of these deleted or reduced items does not degrade mission capability and readiness of the unit. The using unit may be issued sufficient OCIE to support its authorized strength plus a 5 percent sizing float. This inventory is conducted per paragraph 2—12 and table 2—1j.

Organizations will not take installation property to the field or with them upon change of station. The component hand receipt serves as a hand receipt for the applicable end item identified as the first item on the component hand receipt or the SKO identified in the heading of the component hand receipt. They will have minimal commercial application or value and large enough to preclude undetected removal. The owning unit will work order nonexpendables to the supporting maintenance activity.

Type of inventories and discrepancies, page Organizations authorized to perform maintenance functions higher than unit maintenance on organic equipment may include on their PLL items that are designated by technical manuals for the level of maintenance authorized.

The statement in paragraph 2—5 h below will be signed by the appointed PBO. Because AMSA, ASF, and the ECS maintenance branch are production oriented maintenance facilities, these activities, regardless of the level of maintenance performed, will maintain repair parts as PLL in accordance with paragraph, 2—