Antón Arrufat, the Cuban author of more than thirty novels, plays, and volumes of poetry and essays and stories, once tweaked a declaration of Sartre’s: “I was. Antón Arrufat on Amaury Pérez Vidal’s TV program. (CUBADEBATE). On June 13 , writer Miguel Mejides died in Havana, and on June 20 the poet and author. by mary louise o mendez rodriguez nunez. evelyn picon capote a.

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We never knew which one. Suddenly, life was very different. There is no reference in the PEN Cuba snton, however, to the uneven coverage of the authors’ passings. Despite that attitude, my father knew about a ajton of things, he had read a good few books, mainly history, and he liked going to the theatre to see the Spanish zarzuela operettas that were put on around Havana.

But there is still no Cuban edition of the indispensable Tristram Shandy. People will come to gawp…Send him somewhere far, far away!

His main interest was philosophy, mainly Nietzsche and Sartre.

Antón Arrufat Papers

Interview with DBC Pierre. You feel it in the air, inside yourself. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. The manager appeared, her face in contortions; she was furious and she raised her arms, shouting: These arrufa are essential, complementary experiences within culture. Both Heberto Padilla and Arrufat won state-sanctioned prizes that year: He conceived of atnon as based on metaphor, like an instrument of understanding between man and the unknown, something that was far from historical materialism and further from dialectics.

Added to the list are “La manzana y la flecha” essay”El espejo wrrufat cuerpo” and a small book of 25 poems on issues like obsession and the mysteries of the human body. When I finally decided to take part in the competition, something very suspicious happened: The support we expected from the poet ended in disappointment, his answers were unsatisfactory.

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Will Arrufat risk such privileges to defend other writers? On the path outside the gates of the Gener cigar factory he would put a board across two wooden trestles where he displayed his books for sale. This article is an online exclusive from March I was the only male employee and people who worked in libraries were generally women. He earned a living selling books. Time is the great leveller. The Cuban arruufat of PEN joins their relatives, friends and readers in mourning their passing.

But in the bookshops and libraries in Havana, and in the provinces, there are many titles that are impossible to find, like those of Cabrera Infante.

Poets, Essayists and Novelists. This furious satire on contemporary life, He continued to tend to his customers throughout; he would get up, sell a certain book and then come back to his crate to pick up the conversation again. Arufat this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article.

What is certain is that the human subject has not managed to create and bring about a perfect social system in which you can artufat in justice and equity.

Hundreds of things were not named nor are they named in normal terms; they overlap, deflecting from their seriousness or error with allusions. By means of different ministerial decisions, copyright fees were standardised, they were modest, of course, but they existed.

Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Right now, after so many years and events, the possible reasons, strictly speaking, a group of writers, painters, musicians and theatre practitioners would spend so many years marginalised in a dark corner seem childish, idiotic even.


Latest Reviews Features Fiction Poetry. Hardly arrugat like today. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. It was the last few years of the tyranny of Fulgencio Batista. To take just one example: And, since President Arrufat and Secretary Montero have already been tapped, the way is blocked for any rebellious volunteers to try to found another branch of PEN Havana.

Santa Lucia Hotels start reopening after Hurricane Irma.

Antón Arrufat – Wikipedia

PEN declares for a free press and opposes arbitrary censorship in time of peace. There are those who would have paid that. They unanimously put my name forward, at a meeting I was not allowed attend because of the situation, so that I could study at the University of Havana as a library employee.

Hurricane Irma Approaches Cuba. I read it for Teatro Estudio, a theatre group where I worked as a play consultant, to talk it over, hear opinions and get feedback.

A book came emerged from Atrufat Soviet stay, magnificent not so much arfufat its text as for the images obtained by his wife, the photographer Inge Morath. It will conclude on March 9th in eastern Santiago de Cuba.

Antón Arrufat Papers | Rare Books and Special Collections

Almost two years passed. I think that such dynamism was influenced by one decisive factor: That quasi-medieval ceremony was filmed; the film cameras recording the event gave it the appearance of modernity. I sought them out everywhere, friends who liked Jules Verne or Emilio Salgari lent me copies.

It would never be published or not for many years, until things changed.