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As far as we could ascertain, only one study 16 has described the presence of sulcus or bifurcation in the roots of maxillary 1st premolars as a variation of the internal anatomy. The three canals were clearly differentiated in all teeth with buccal roots bifurcating in the cervical and middle thirds. The alveoli of the molar teeth are divided by the interradicular and interalveolar septa that reach the level of the alveolar surface upper margin of mandibular body.

The limitations of the periapical radiographs for the detection of bone defects have been frequently observed.

The evolution and application of the dental maxillofacial imaging modalities. Therefore, accurate knowledge of root anatomy is an important ally to radiographic resources, tactile sense and operator’s clinical experience, thus contributing to the success of endodontic treatment. Pucci FM, Reig R. Therefore it is important to distinguish between the features of normal anatomic structures and their variations to identify possible alterations Mesiodistal and buccolingual roentgenographic investigation of 7, root canals.

Considering the whole sample, the interference in one site was Distinct palatal roots were amputated using a low-speed double-faced diamond bur KG Sorensen, Barueri, SP, Brazil with abundant water cooling, so that only the buccal root with the longitudinal sulcus was left.


The sample was selected by a professor from this department, and the following criteria for quality control were considered: According to Seltzer and Bender 16it is impossible to differentiate between the resorption that occurs in the vestibular alveolar crest from that in the lingual alveolar crest using periapical radiographs.

These radiographs need to be correctly performed and processed according to proper techniques. Roentgenographic evaluation of alveolar bone changes in periodontal disease. For the other three specimens, it was possible to identify the existence of two root canals up to a certain point along the root length, but the number of apical foramina could not be determined radiographically Fig.

The data obtained regarding the frequency of the oblique line overlaps on the alveolar crests were expressed in percentages and organized into graphs and tables.

Sutalo J, Njemirovskij V. In the posterior region of the mandible the attachment of the alveolus to the bone becomes evident by the presence of an elevation known as oblique line. Fubcional obtained results showed that the oblique line was detected in radiographs, representing Cienc Odontol Bras ;7: However, in 55 radiographs This occurs due to the overlap of anatomic structures, such as the mental protuberance, mental foramen, submandibular fovea, mylohyoid line, and oblique line.

The apices were aanatomia under a XL20 scanning electron microscope Phillips, Eindhoven, Netherlands operating at 15 KV and with magnifications that allowed for visualization of the entire specimen on the screen, in such a way that the apical foramina could be clearly visualized and their diameter determined.

Endod Dent Traumatol ;2: The SEM images were printed out and given to two observers together with information on the diameters of each foramen. Lack of knowledge of internal dental anatomy and anatomic variations may lead to errors in identification, instrumentation and obturation of root canals 1.


Root canal morphology of maxillary premolars.

Figun garino anatomia odontologica funcional aplicada arborvitae – derlows

Marks were made with a carborundum disc on the stub surface to allow for identification of each specimen individually on the screen. Because of the aforementioned limitations of radiographic examination, SEM was also used to assess the number of AF.

The periapical radiograph is undoubtedly the most commonly utilized imaging resource in dental practice due to its low cost, relatively simple equipment, easy acquisition, and straightforward interpretation of images In conclusion, the presence of a longitudinal sulcus in the buccal root of the maxillary 1st premolar predisposes to either total All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Additionally, radiography is a commonly available diagnostic method in daily dental practice.

Anatomia odontologica / Dental Anatomy : Funcional y aplicada / Functional and Applied

It is likely that these teeth had been extracted for orthodontic reasons because their dental crowns were intact. Thus it is relevant to suggest that the use of the vertical angle variation is an important resource for periapical radiographs which enables a more detailed analysis of the alveolar crest of the mandibular molar region. A study by Ruffato et al.