Wolrd famous book of Islamic history by Imam Ibn Kathir (Available in English, Urdu, Bangla and Arabic). 19 Jan Al Bidayah wa al Nihaya in Bangla/Bengali translation (Part 01) by Ibn Kathir. History of world from beginning to end. This book end with Full text of “En The Beginning And The End (Al Bidaya Wan Nihaya by Abdur [ibn Katheer] The Beginning and the End {Say, ‘If mankind and the jinn.

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The Beginning and the End iO mankind! I do not mean that ‘Alif Laam Meem’ is one letter, rather, ‘Alif is a letter, ‘Laam’ is a letter, and ‘Meem’ is a letter.

Al-Bidaya wa’l-Nihaya – Wikipedia

The Messenger of Allah ft said: The Prayer Salaah The Prayer is a means through which a slave maintains a relationship between him and his Rubb. From Nutfah [drops of semen, male and female discharges] when it is emitted. There is no room for stress, worry, or sadness.

Belief in Angels O My slaves, all nihhaya you are hungry except those whom I have fed, so seek food from Me and I shall feed you. To Him belongs the highest description [i. They are from the unseen world.

Indeed in that is a sign for a people who give thought. He returned and conquered Makkah Mecca eight years after his migration, and he died at the age of sixty-three after Allah revealed to him the entire Qur’an. One must believe that Allah has preserved the Qur’an from all distortions, adulterations, additions, or impairments.

Man is charged with obeying the commands and wl from the prohibitions, and on niuaya of that, he would be rewarded or punished. And when they attended it, they said, ‘Listen quietly.

Al Bidayah wa al Nihaya by Ibn Kathir

We raise by degrees whom We will. A person will harvest only that which he has planted: On the other hand, the enemies are mustering all their resources to wage war against this Deen, and to prevent people from accepting it, and to place obstacles in its path, and to scare people away from it by portraying Islam as a backward Deen which acknowledges terrorism.


Verily, in this are signs for a people who think deeply. Indeed the scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets, and indeed the Prophets do not leave any wealth as inheritance but rather they leave knowledge. So travel through the land and see the end of those who denied the truth. There, Allah revealed to him the remaining legislations of the Deen.

This cohesion and intricate balance guarantees the continuation of life of the creation. Through this, Muslims come to know one another, and the bonds of love and unity which hold them together are built, maintained and strengthened. To clarify this, if a person wants a child he must do certain things to achieve this goal; such as getting married.

Mankind must believe in the Qur’an, the one upon whom it was revealed, and the Deen which it brought. Then woe to those who disbelieve in Islamic Monotheism from the Fire!

Allah will never humiliate you. All will surely be gathered together for the appointed Meeting of a known Day. It is but a word that he speaks, and behind them is Barzakh a barrier until the Day when they will be resurrected.

Then will you not see? Thus, Islamic monotheism is described as the religion of fitrah — that of the inherent nature of mankind.

He was the most perfect of mankind in respect to his creation and manners. The Beginning and the End Belief in Qadaa and Qadar 37 It is to believe that Allah knew everything before it came into being, and what will happen to it afterwards.


They are like cattle, nay even more astray. Muslims from all over the world come together at one place and one time; they all call upon the same Rubb, wear the same clothes, perform the same rituals, and recite the same call: Then Allah by His Leave guided those who believed to the truth of that wherein they differed. Allah H says that He created him from clay like that of pottery: He is the Truth, and it is He Who gives life to the dead, and it is He who is able to do all things.

All are to Him devoutly obedient. Nay there are not at all any partners with Him! Yes, He surely is Able to do all things. By my Rubb, you will certainly be resurrected, then you will be informed of and recompensed for what you did; and that is easy for Allah. Then when He calls you with a single call from the earth, immediately you will come forth.

Then he became something by the command of Allah.

He then migrated to the city of Madinah Medina and called its inhabitants to Islam, which they accepted. This life is the time after one’s death until the Last Day. Therefore, he was nothing, and what is worse than being nothing?!

Indeed, Allah is Exalted in Might and Forgiving.

This challenge will remain unmet until the Day of Requital. There are many prophets and messengers; no-one knows their exact number except Allah.