I set the Active Printer [Printer=”Adobe PDF”]. I open the word document [(“path&”) path. I’ve downloaded the Acrobat SDK and have found the VB sample for AdobePDFSilent. PrintOut copies:=1, ActivePrinter:=”Adobe PDF”. However the client wants to use the Acrobat “Adobe PDF” printer instead. Each PDF must ut ActivePrinter:= “Adobe PDF”.

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Later code then sends the PDF file as an e-mail attachment. I can’t find anything in my docs but that would be nothing new…. This content has been marked as final.

So the way to be sure which printer you were printing to was to script a quit n relaunch do stuff. There are a couple of other entries for documents that I’ve printed manually that I didn’t include.

The web page then aobe the pdf that was generated. Do any of You know if there is a known issue or have an idea what I could be overlooking?

This program is using OLE to open Word documents, add watersmarks and other details, then save the changed Word doc as activeprihter pdf to c: You can set the paths for these to be pretty much anywhere. Go to original post. However, it may be good to check if it is set – seems I forgot already that I’ve done that -so I will look for that.


Close False End Sub. The activeprintet seems to be to get the same behavior through the use of a Macro. What am I doing wrong?

Using Excel VBA to Print to PDF File? | Adobe Community

Thank activepronter both for your responses and willingness to work with me on this problem. If I refer to the link suggest in your first question i understand that what you want to do is separate ActivePrinter value.

When you create a PostScript file you must rely on system fonts and use document fonts. In Lithuanian version “on” is replaced with “, esanti”, but I have no idea how it would be replaced in Japanese or Greek languages. Please enter a title. Correct Answers – 10 points.

VBA Visual Basic for Applications (Microsoft) FAQ

Printing added to the correct spoolers. The problem usually is to figure out what application name to use for your specific case. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Reinhard, Thanks for your reply.

Go to original post. Im not up to date with my CS apps but the way in which they used to behave was to read in system default printer until changed in an open session of the GUI by a user. However, I think I have solved this.


So after this manual operation you should have the files: We use our LiveCycle products for this, which are designed for server-side processing of PDF content. I assume that you mean that you can not install Acrobat on a Server and use it from a remote machine. May 7th, Type the name in and press OK, then the print process continue and you find the postscript file, how you have entered. Third code does something similar as the second one does.


Problem printing files to Adobe PDF printer usi | Adobe Community

I have the same question Show 0 Likes 0. Line 21 sets the Registry key for Excel with the name of the PDF file to output which also appears to be done in part of acitveprinter ConvertFile function in the following code. Just print a document manually from that application, and then check the PrinterJobControl key in regedit – you will find a new entry of the form “LastPdfPortFolder – ” which has a value of the directory your file got saved to.

I’ve incorporated the printtoPDF sub into my code and made the minor changes necessary to work with aeobe project i. Problems with Jim’s suggestion: Please type your message and try again.