Aaron Allston’s Strike Force, Columbia. likes · 2 talking about this. A superhero RPG setting and campaign book for HERO System, Savage Worlds. High Rock Press is raising funds for Aaron Allston’s Strike Force on Kickstarter! Help to create a new edition of Aaron Allston’s classic. From the back of the book: From one of the best-known Champions campaigns comes Aaron Allston’s Strike Force – a supplement chock-full of heroes, villains.

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Plus, the great thing people like Steve Kenson and Steve Long have had to say about games, they have said.

Campaign Setting game world. Ships to Anywhere in the world.

This original version of Strike Force is a piece of gaming history! But, every one of those thirty thousand started their own band. Support Select this reward. Reynard – Wednesday, 8th March, To read a review of Skyfarer’s gaming system, click here.

Check out the FAQ. Kickstarter is not a store. All of us are bringing our combined creativity, experience, and passion to the project.

This book is signed by all of the core creative team! World of Darkness We are now working to release an updated version of this classic book for the 21st Century. Noted for its extensive and highly-influential struke to gamemasters on how to run a long-term campaign, Strike Force was a landmark RPG publication.

InAaron Allston released Strike Force, a supplement detailing the first eight years of his superhero campaign. Phosphene – As Lightrune, plus you get a unique opportunity to interact with the creators! If we unlock this level, we will publish an updated version of Aaron Allston’s classic Champions supplement The Circle, detailing a venerable school of superhero sorcery!

Whether one qllston the game or not, the Silver Age Sentinels rulebook gave one of the most comprehensive and best discussions on the genre and its subgenres ever. He was the lead writer for several video games, including Darksiders II, Warhammer 40, The day it dropped, one of the members of my gamer group – a fan of the PC version – downloaded it, read it, and learned the rules, so we put aside xtrike regular game and slung dice in the world of Sunless Skies on launch aadon.


The initial funding goal includes the costs for artwork, graphic design, promotional materials, and assorted miscellaneous fees. LongChampions Villains. The stories I could tell you We are now alllston to release an updated version of this classic book for the 21st Century. Learn more about accountability.

Aaron Allston’s Strike Force | Reviews | Forum | BoardGameGeek

The Original Classic Edition! It demonstrated how to engage the players and manage the campaign beyond the table, guidance which now echoes throughout the GM sections of games today. Just send a message to High Rock Press with your preference of reward. With a successful crowd aarkn campaign, we can use our artistic contacts to make a world-class product–worthy of Aaron Allston’s talent.

I’ve published a lot of books over the years, a bunch of them here on Kickstarter! We’ve got top-tier artists lined up to work with us, and we want to compensate them to the best of our ability–and that is why we need your help to reach our funding goal. By all means, get a handle on the material before you pledge. I also have a copy of allstno original I picked up almost on accident at a game store in Dallas in He’s exposed me to a lot of different RPG materials that I wouldn’t have heard of otherwise, causing me to investigate more of what’s out there.

GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Aaron Allston was the first RPG blogger. We’ll get it done.


Add a copy to your collection. All of that had to be changed for publication, of course. Backers at this level also receive a physical copy of the Strike Force Anthology if that stretch goal is unlocked You firce select one option from any of the following:.

Aaron Allston’s Strike Force by High Rock Press — Kickstarter

While I’ve never played any Champions played a little TSR Marvel Superheroes back in the day, and my kids played some Mutants and Masterminds with some friendsChristopher’s article makes me want to look for this new book, even if only for the general RPG material in it.

Noted for its extensive and highly-influential advice to gamemasters on how to run a long-term campaign, Strike Force was a landmark RPG publication.

A role-playing game campaign book that includes techniques and lessons from over 22 years of play.

Next, send a message to High Rock Press indicating which Add-on s you would like! Tuesday, 7th March, Now he forcd to work directly for his fans through his Patreon campaign.


Strike Force was the first superhero campaign guide. Add in a large group of amazingly creative supers and beautiful art by Denis Loubet and you have a masterpiece. The original world he created was a mash-up of DC, Marvel and Everything Else – heroes came into existence when they were created, then aged normally so that the modern day had NPCs like the son of Superman and Mary Marvel becoming the new Captain Marvel.

Curse of Strahd The first 18 pages of Strike Force should be required reading for any superhero genre GM. The RPG, a Review.