1 Sep A Witches’ Bible by Stewart Farrar, , available at Book Janet and Stewart Farrar, authors of many books on witchcraft. Everything you need to know is here – The Sabbats, Casting & Banishing the Magic Circle, The Complete Book of Shadows, The Great Rite, Initiation Rites. The Farrar’s adaptations of Gardnarian systems which led to an awakening of a Witches Bible the Complete Witches Handbook by Janet and Stewart Farrar.

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Gardner and alongside of Aleister Crowley and Eliphas Levi in terms of magical achievement”. Sanders, “impressed” [24] with the interview, invited Farrar to attend an Alexandrian Wiccan initiation ritual, [7] and prompted Farrar to write an entire book on Wicca.

A Witches’ Bible: The Complete Witches’ Handbook

Sep 10, Kosjitov rated it it was amazing Shelves: Pagan Portals – the Dagda Morgan Daimler. Your letters give off good vibrations of work and happiness. This is a double edged sword — while they talk only of their own experience and what they know, which I appreciate on one hand; they also limit themselves in scope.

To be honest, it probably isn’t meant to be read straight-through, but rather used as a reference. Even a bit patriarchal.

Maxine Sanders remembers Farrar as “a charming man, a sincere student with an active flexible mind”. A MUST have for any following the path. Each Sabbat is covered in detail, with ample folkloric references and history related, which serve to enrich the symbolism of the holiday, as well as the ritual practice itself. The Farrars reveal the essential rituals of Alexandrian Witchcraft and offer rituals for all occasions plus a good grasp of coven procedures and magick for the starting Witch.

Returning to Britain, Farrar immersed himself in propagating communism, joining the Communist Party of Great Britainand working for the communist tabloid, the Daily Worker.

Stewart Farrar

They just lazily claim it’s “their nature” and leave it at that. Inhe began writing freelance for various British television series, starting with an episode witces Dr. But this book was written in the s and I can’t help but wonder how — indeed, Fxrrar hope that — things have changed in the Craft since then. I picked this book up because I was told the Farrar were the third piece that is the trifecta of Wiccan writers, the other two being Buckland and Cunningham.


To each their own. Jun 20, Peter rated it did not like it Recommends it for: It’s a bit dated Get it if you practice in a farra. Read it for the historical value or read it to learn something; I still use their Wiccaning ritual almost word-for-word. Books by Janet Farrar.

A Witches’ Bible : Stewart Farrar :

It is a very good overview and outline of how formal covens work, the structure behind them and a basic framework for these Rites within Gardnerian Wicca are included. Dispatched from the UK in 1 business day When will tarrar order arrive? So, strangely enough, I’ve come away from this book noticing some flaws in Wicca, a religion I once held in very, very high regard. Jun 25, KJ rated it liked it Shelves: Farrar left Reveille to pursue a full-time freelance writing career in I will be honest In this was followed with Zero in the Gateanother whodunit this time set around a newspaper company, drawing on his prior experiences.

To quote Sanders 8 March I’ve met Janet and Gavin on three occassions. Once I got over that, I realized that what is called “traditional xnd was not for me, and that neopaganism was more up my alley.

Stewart Farrar – Wikipedia

Encyclopaedia of Magical Herbs Scott Cunningham. Another dive into Wicca but compared to Wicca For Beginners, I got a somewhat judgmental feeling from this book. The descriptions can be a bit much but on the other hand you come away with the feeling of knowing more than you ever will need to about the language and why each holiday is celebrated a certain way. The Farrars were instrumental in bringing Alexandrian witchcraft to the United States. If you truly want to study witchcraft, study it from as many facets as you can so that you can formulate your own ideas and know which path you want to take.

Black Carrar Richard Cavendish. It was filmed and broadcast by the BBC in July Janet Farrar, along with Stewart, is author of many books on witchcraft, and bibe well known witch who has appeared frequently stewwart the media.

Stewart lived with his sewart in Co. It’s on the required reading list of many Wiccan groups – and it should witcbes. Sigil Witchery Laura Tempest Zakroff. Other than that, the commentary an how patriarchy affects women was very interesting. A very dear friend. Sure, they emphasize the Goddess figure and there’s a lot of commentary on how patriarchy oppresses WOMEN, but the authors claim that men are too aggressive to lead their own covens — and they DON’T explore the fact that it’s the patriarchal society’s standards that makes men so.


This collection includes two books in one volume, Eight Sabbats for Witches and The Witches’ Way and is the most comprehensive and revealing work on the principles, rituals and beliefs of modern witchcraft. This is a misunderstood book.

Two years later, his third novel, Death in the Wrong Bedcame out, followed by a romance novel, Delphine, Be a Darlingwhich was published under the female pseudonym of Laurie Stewart at the advice of his publisher. The section “More Wiccan Rituals” is written specifically for group work, and the solo witch would be hard-pressed to adapt any of these for solitary practice without losing the core experience the rites are designed to give.

Death in Salem Diane Foulds. In he began attending University College Londonwhere he studied journalism, [6] and where he served both as president of the London University Journalism Union and editor of the London Tsewart Magazine. Because of his work in propagating the Craft, the historian Ronald Hutton compared him to Gerald Gardner and Alex Wiyches as “the third and last of the great male figures who have formed Wicca”.

I think that individuals interested in Wicca as a religious path could very likely read just this one section of this one book and be able to determine for sure whether or not Wicca is the right path for them. Retrieved 10 December It covers all aspects of Wicca specific to the Farrah’s and their coven.