Keeping with the hallmark of the text, Riasanovsky and Steinberg examine all aspects of Russia’s history–political, international, military, economic, social, and . A History of Russia has ratings and 52 reviews. WarpDrive said: RUSSIA Russia. A complex and fascinating history, a rich culture with many a contr. Widely acclaimed as the best one-volume survey text available, A History of Russia presents the whole span of Russia’s history, from the origins of the Kievan .

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Widely acclaimed as the best one-volume survey text available, A History of Russia presents the whole span of Russia’s history, from the origins of the Kievan state and the building of an empire, to Soviet Russia, the successor states, and beyond.

Riasanovsky does not force his opinions on the reader, nor does he make any unfounded claims. The Soviet Union and Russia, Still, it fulfilled its function.

A History of Russia – Nicholas Valentine Riasanovsky – Google Books

Oct 30, Eric rated it it was amazing. I’ve recently read biographies of Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Catherine the Great and The Romanovs as a monarchy, and while Riasanovsky’s book is thorough in covering all periods, it makes histoy work and barely mentions, obliquely it seems the extent of the tortures and other violent episodes of the time of Ivan and Peter, at least.

But I won’t get rid of z book from college. Riasanovsky Snippet view – Its covers both classic history but also culture of each time period. The book provides a thorough description of the foundations of Russua–especially its Kievan roots and through the Romanov dynasty.


A History of Russia

Founding Friendships Cassandra A. Religion and Culture Part IV: I doubt this Marxist irony was intentional. The overall feel is one of an inconsistent, but basically decent, read. Frequent reference historu made to other works with nothing more, like “the Slavs ate green cheese, although Miserable writing and poor factual presentation: Unlike many of the books I read in school, I frequently turn to this one to clarify a fact or refresh my memory of the general picture of Russia at a given point in its history.

Steinberga former student of Riasanovsky’s and has been acclaimed for riassanovsky continued comprehensiveness. Drawing on both primary sources and major interpretive works, this sixth edition updates its existing coverage of the social, economic, cultural, political and military events of Russia’s past and includes a new chapter on the post-Gorbachev era as well as helpful updated bibliographies and reading source lists.

This page was last edited on 15 Septemberat John’s CollegeOxford in on a Rhodes Scholarship. Politics and History since Stephen F. Examining contemporary issues such as the rise of Yeltsin, the nationalities question, and Russia’s attempts to market capitalism, this sixth edition takes the study of Russia straight into the new millennium, continuing A History of Russia’s nearly forty-year track record as the leader in the field.

View all 8 comments. The only issue is that this book should have probably given more weight and focus on the first periods of Russian history, rather than to the Soviet and post-Soviet periods, but I guess that this is a question of personal interests rather than an objective shortcoming of the book and in any case there is only so much information you can pack into a single book with such a huge scope.


Economy and Society before the Great Reforms Although German history was my primary focus in Graduate School, I would be hard-pressed to come up with as comprehensive and useful a history of that country, from its misty past in prehistory to the conflagrations of the Twentieth Century and the comparable stability since, as this book is for Russia.

Oxford University Press- History – pages. One of my undergraduate history texts for the history of Russia. It is very comprehensive, covering not only the rulers but also explains the economic, cultural and social scene. Lord Novgorod the Great 8. I was after a one-volume comprehensive riasajovsky, an university textbook that, in an academically appropriate way riaeanovsky in a nuanced and unbiased manner, would help me improve my knowledge of the fascinating Russian history, in particular of the Pre-Soviet period.

He is clearly no fan of Stalin, and gives complete coverage of the oppressive and extremist nature riasahovsky that regime, but he also points out that Russia might not have survived World War Two without him. Monday – Friday, 8: Smith Request examination copy.

Specializing in the cultural, intellectual, and social history of Russia in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, his many books include Voices of Revolution, and Proletarian Imagination: For an overview of Russian history, from Histlry Rus to the post-communist rule of Vladimir Putin, this book does a good job.