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Architectural Visualisation Portfolio

Go back to basics and lock in your ideas with the most basic of tools you are comfortable with. Just state it is up for critique and learn from the feedback you get.

This article originally appeared in 3D World issue I like the fact he always approaches a project free from any predetermined techniques in mind for executing it. He is very talented and at the same time very humble, giving lots of respect to his clients and the subject matter he so masterfully takes care of. See more 3D World 3d.


There is no better schooling. Try to express your own approach to the subject and how you envision the process all the way to the final images.

I’m fascinated by what he accomplishes by departing from 3D and photorealism so early on in the process, and the levels of creativity he manages to reach in the execution and presentation of his work. The best example of this is his Biotherm Radiators project — who thought this subject could be so exciting! It is mostly a preference and a specific requirement outside the core architecture visualisation stream. After almost five years of blogging, I’m still amazed to see how many artists do not share their work.

For him, every topic with the right approach and way of thinking, can evolve into an interesting project at the finish line.

The secrets of an impressive 3D visualisation portfolio | Creative Bloq

You visualise architecture porttolio so visit it and experience it as much as possible under various light conditions and different seasons. Starting as a freelancer inhe founded Polytown Media in He even takes it a step forward, creating an animation, based on the images, for almost each one of his projects.

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He is well known for his Architectural Visualization blog. Clients will respect you more for that and you’ll probably be a lot happier with the autonomy you have set for yourself as well as with 3s end results going directly to your portfolio. Focus on the subject and what you want to convey first.

Ronen is an architectural visualisation artist based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. In some case he even skips creating a 3D model and render, visuailzer with a physical scale model or just some collaged image scraps as a starting point, doing all of it by hand.