HAND RECEIPT/ANNEX NUMBER. For use of this form, see DA PAM The proponent agency is ODCSLOG. FROM: TO: HAND RECEIPT NUMBER. It does not transfer direct responsibility for the property to the sub-hand receipt holder but does transfer personal responsibility. (DA Form or ULLS-S4. 18 Feb a. Prepare the form in two copies. b. The person who prepares the DA Form must keep all copies of hand or sub-hand receipts current. c.

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Why Customers Love GoCanvas. I recently encountered a soldier that has informed me that a DA only lasts for 30 days. Log In with Google. SFC Join to see.

Use the DA Form United States Army Type: There are several reasons for this: The DA can be sed to reissue to an individual the same equipment or when there’s a change! Hand Receipts mobile app to see how straightforward and convenient mobile apps can be. Try the DA Form Well you are done with the range, lets go back to supply and do it all again in reverse. There are several reasons for this:.

United States of America. When it comes to form forms and appsGoCanvas has everything you need. But, if the form does not serve you well, there is nothing holding you to that form. SGT Join to see 2 y. SSG Join to see.

Want to see how GoCanvas can habd your business? There is no restriction on the number of times property can be subhand receipted, but under normal circumstances, should not exceed from the commander, to the supervisor, to the user. Is there any truth to this? While it is partially correct the second worst kind of correct, right behind politically correctit is not technically correct.


The reason to use the DA is there is a digital version that allows the electronic signature. Since all information is saved on the GoCanvas Cloud, this will be easy to accomplish.


The second copy recipt provided to the subhand receipt holder. Is there a better way? It forces the unit to keep their electronic records current, helping the US Army better track unit readiness. Does a DA expire after a specific amount of time has passed?

I won’t go much further here, because I plan to cover STAMIS networking later on, but the point I really want to make is that the Army is not really to electronic record keeping yet.

Check with your local JAG to back yourself up just in case, but generally this is true.

Figure 2. DA Form (Hand Receipt/Annex Number).

Log In with Facebook. It is better for the environment, in that if you sign electronically, there is no paper waste Ha, yea right. The Da is used for 30 days or less, or if used to LT a piece of equipment to anyone, it’s the main form that will be kept by all parties to ensure responsibility for equipment.

What kind of app are you looking for? Strictly speaking, a Hand Receipt han a manual record of receipt that is to be used when automated record keeping or receipting is not possible, meaning the form is filled by hand. Could you honestly imagine doing a lateral transfer for everything? PBUSE automatically generates a when you switch equipment from hand receipt to hand reciept, whether or not it is printed off and maintained as a change document is on your Supply The recipient must provide their signature to prove that they have received the item.


Again I fall back on the S6 example, someone needs radios for a range, well lets go to supply, jand the radios moved from my hand receipt to yours, oh wait, now you have to sign you hand receipt all over again. My suggestion is keep all records with the DA for 7 years attached to the Sub Hand receipt holders sgned document! Posted on Mar 12, Upon submission, the data from the app is saved to the secure GoCanvas Cloud for easy data retrieval.

If you are issuing out a piece of equipment to someone for longer than that you need a DA Form Hope this helps out. And we will go more into it next time! Sign up for free and get access to thousands of mobile forms.

Until then, we have forms like the DA